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Layer Versions


Correct me if I am wrong.
It seems to me that I could use different Versions of the Layer for each movement "best suited to your goal or to the exercise". Eg. a Quadruple layer for Squats, and a Strength Layer for Slight Decline Bench, etc.

Are you still recommending the "10 Day Mini Cycle"?
Can I apply the different layer versions within the cycle?
And, if so, since the 10 day Cycles have Mini Cycles within the 10 days, could I, and/or should I incorporate the various options you offered recently, as part of the cycle?


@Dom: I know CT is a problem solver & using a layer to correct a weakness or a problem always yields good results. I'm sure he will chime in. I love the 10 day system myself & have had a lot of success with it. The more I focus on my best performance for that given day & perfect form & technique & proper peri the better my results have been. In another forum there has been talk about getting in & getting things done (you've probably read this but if not here you go).

I've been getting my workouts done in 30-45 minutes tops & I feel that is very important to whatever layer system you may chose. The more I focus on optimizing my nervous system's performance the better my results. I hope that helps with whatever decision you make.


The main characteristic of the 10 days cycle is ... well... that it's on 10 days instead of 7 :slightly_smiling: So you can use the same basic format with different focus lifts and even different methods.


@CT, and sput.
thanks so much.
i have been doing the 10 day cycle. i just finished cycle2 of round2. round 1 was 3 cycles.
my sessions are 30-60 minutes more or less.
even though i just hit a new pr on bench, the current layer i was doing on bench became stale. so i want to change it up.
and the quadruple layer for squats has given me new pr's also.
i also am working on mobility on cleans, front squats, overhead squats.
and doing some loaded carries, and dips and pullups at end of session.

i realize that it sounds like a lot. and the rec maybe to focus on one issue at a time. but.
the mobility work is part of my pre session, stretching, and warmup on that particular training day.
the loaded carries and dips and pullups are everyday after the session.
so, im planning to layout a 10 day cycle that will utilize a particular layer that will be appropriate for my goals for each movement.
my basic movements will be, slight decline bench press, snatch grip hi pulls, squats/front squats, cleans/push press- i may need to separate these,
since the 10day has 3 minis of 3 days(push,pull, legs), i will probably use TBDL as 1 of the leg days, and use cleans for 2 of the 3 pull days, and maybe push press 2 of 3, with slight decline being the other 1, or vice versa.

overall with the info on the options on the layers, i'm pretty sure i can put together a viable program that will take around 60 minutes or less overall(including my stretch/warmup routine). when i have it together, i will post it for evaluation by ct.


i like that.
when i started , it took more overall days. now, i just go with the flow. And i can do practice work on the "off days". :slightly_smiling: