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Layer System Strength Plateau

Hey coach, I started the layer system. I’m starting my third week. I’m wondering if I’m doing something wrong or just flat out not meant to do strength work. Not much has gone up in strength except for my squat. In fact my bench has gone down 5lbs from last workout. Seem to be doing everything as prescribed. What gives?


It is likely neurological fatigue. You cannot lose strength if you are doing intense strength work. BUT you can lose the capacity to demonstrate strength because the nervous system can’t recover. And you are right, not everybody is neurologically designed to recover from VERY intense neurological work.

That makes sense. I am pleased so far with how I am looking with the program though. Measurements haven’t gone up dramatically but I look a little different and my clothes feel tighter. Should I continue even if I may be pushing the limits of my recovery or should I switch to another program?