Layer System & Sports

Coach, I’ve never had such success as when employing your methods.

However, I feel that the Layer System might be slightly beyond my recovery capacity. I play 2 team sports right now, which means 2 games, and a few practices a week. On top of lifting. Nothing too competitive, but it’s a physical demand!

The layer system is awesome, but I feel that working up to a (near) 1RM, then doing multiple sets at similar weights is just too intense right now. On top of that, I saw GREAT success using HP mass principles. I think the relatively lighter weight, with high frequency really really worked for me.

That said, I still want to incorporate high pulls! How would you suggest this?

I’m thinking:

Monday: Upper (OHP, bench, decline bench)
Tuesday: Upper
Wed: Off
Thurs: Lower
Fri: Upper
Sat: Back/Bi’s
Sun: High Pulls

I honestly don’t know how to fit this lift in!! But it definitely is a cool lift that I really enjoy.

Also, you said somewhere around here that you don’t like shrugs anymore. In your HP articles, you talk about staggering in shrugs for assistance. Do you think this is a bad idea? Thanks a million!