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Layer System Ramp for Size?

Hey Christian. Been doing the layer system now for 3 weeks, and i’m training purly for size. Is the contnious ramp necessary for growth, or can it be replaced with something like 10/8/6/15-20 or cotrast load method?
So the workout would go like this:
Cluster sets¨
Slow eccsentric
Growth factor release

What’s your thoughts?
Also, can the preacher curl be replaced with something like a rope hammer curl? Thanks

It sucks.

It doesn’t respect the spirit of the layer system which is to start with a method what will amp up the nervous system so that the other layers are optimized.

What about ramping with something like 7-6-5-4-3 versus just ramping up with triples?

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do we really put MORE ‘‘size’’ doing rep of 10-8-15-20 ?!

If you are natty strenght training should be part of your training although goal is maximum hypertrophy. Strenght training will give best hormonal response.

Search from this forum “max muscle layer system” topic has good example programs.

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Can you ramp to a 5rm instead of a 3rm then?

The layer system isn’t made for pure size gains. You are better off doing a different program or just following it as written rather than forcing your goals into it.

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It can be done. I’ve used that in the past with a few people. But as baumbodies mentioned, the layer system is a strength & size plan, it likely is not what you are looking for.

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Thanks Christian. Do you have a program specifically for pure size gains? Appriciate it!

Your HSS-100 seems good, article is 12 years old would you still recommend it today? Would you say its superior to the layer system for pure size gains?

Honestly if you’re natural probably no faster way to put on size than layers. Especially if you haven’t used the system before. If you have the signal gets muted (like I don’t get better gains from layers any more but that could be due to several reasons).

If you think a standard “bodybuilding split” of 4x8-12 rep, 2-3 exercises, different angles will produce more gains than hit a big movement, the same movmeent, over and over again with inhumane levels of power/tension/pump, i think you’re wrong.

Short term at least. There’s nothing quite like signalling tissue to grow then doing strength lifts/rest pause with 100% focus (one big lift a workout).

The signal is totally different than 3 hard sets with dumbell incline press. Then 3 sets of 12-15 reps “pump” on flyes.

Dunno, maybe u get better gains with the latter but if so prob woudln’t be asking about layers!

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The thing is that its the lower layers that make you gain size, while the ramp makes the lower layers more effective at delivering size gains. Slow eccentrics and growth factor release, and maybe something like 5 x 5 EMOM are going to be great for size, but even better after a 3 rep ramp and cluster to activate the highest threshold fibers. The problem with your plan is that you are going to be fatigued, not activated by the time you do the growth sets.