Layer System for Hypertrophy


Hi CT,
first of all the layer system has provided me with the best strength gains i’ve ever experienced over the last 4 weeks following the standard setup (ramp to max, 3x clusters @90%, 3x ‘5/4/3/2/1’ @70%).

I noticed you outlined other layer options like max reps and hard 5’s (as well as a fourth max pump/speed hdl layer), i was just wondering what layers (and how many sets) you would recommend for max muscle growth?

I currently use inc/dec bench, trap bar squat and SGHP’s as my core movements -would you change any exercises to focus on muscle growth?

many thanks!

Will follow the answer.

I was wondering what could be the best approach for pure hypertrophy after the core movement…
Cluster ?
Extended set (rest/pause) ?
straight sets (5x10 reps for example) ?


Check this forum out

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Check this forum out

Wow, thank you, didn’t see this one.

And thanks coach :wink:


[quote]dlee34 wrote:
Check this forum out[/quote]

Hi dlee34,

yeah i completely forgot about this thread even though i’ve read it about 3 times haha, thank you!

@CT - is there any situation where you would opt for an extra layer for muscle growth? would the overall set volume stay the same?

for example;

ramp to max
2 x clusters @90%
2 x Extended sets @80%
2 x 5/4/3/2/1’s @70%


i’m not suggesting that set up is a good one, just outlining what i meant!

many thanks