Layer System for Athletics

Coach Thib,
Quick question I saw on an older thread that you tweaked the layer system for the squat to something along the lines of:
Squat to 2RM
Jump squat
Vertical jump

I don’t remember it all right now but I remember you need to purchase a device to measure the speed the bar would travel at. That wouldn’t be a problem.
My main question though is if I would leave the upper body days the same or would you need to switch them to a more dynamic approach also. I’ve read before the nervous system is trained every time you workout so if you do a mass workout for chest then a jump workout for legs you wouldn’t necessarily be helping yourself jump any.

Anyway I know that is confusing just not sure how to set it up. My legs are already big enough. I have a 36 waist at 240 but I have to wear at least 38-40 in pants because of my butt and thighs. No more leg growth is wanted. Thanks