Layer System for 2A?

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I saw the earlier post about the Layer System for neuro type 2B. I am a great fan of the program (currently running it and getting really great results), but I am a type 2A - so, I imagine it can be tweaked to suit the 2A type to an even greater degree (as the original is designed mostly for type 1A and 1B, if I am not mistaken).

Could you please share the Layer System recommendations for the 2A type?

Sorry for the similar question, but the one before inspired me. :slight_smile: Any feedback will be greatly appreciated.

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Well the original system was designed with Type 2A in mind. Well, I didn’t know neurotypes back then but I designed it for me and I’m a 2A.

With 2A everything works, but nothing works for a long time. So a good approach is to change the methods every 3 weeks or so.

For example

Layer 1 - Ramp to 3RM
Layer 2 - Rest/Pause… (90% of 3RM) 4-6 reps/ rest 10-15 sec/max reps with same weight (3 sets)
Layer 3 - HDL sets (75% of 3RM) 5 reps/10 sec/4 reps/10 sec/3 reps/10 sec/2 reps/10 sec/1 rep/end (3 sets)
Layer 4 - Iso-dynamic contrast …(60% of 3RM) Isometric hold 20 sec followed by 8-10 reps (1 set)

Layer 1 - Ramp to 1RM
Layer 2 - Cluster with 85-90% of 1RM, 4-6 reps with 10-15 sec between reps (3 sets)
Layer 3 - Slow eccentric 70% of 1RM, explosive concentric, 5 sec eccentric, max reps (3 sets)
Layer 4 - HDL isodynamic 50% of 1RM 5 reps/hold 5 sec/4 reps/hold 4 sec/3 reps/hold 3 sec/2 reps/hold 2 sec/1 rep/END (1-2 sets)

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Thank you very much for a detailed answer!

All the best!

I am surprised that it’s recommended for 2A to ramp to a 1RM. I thought when we were discussing your built for bad program, you recommended a 2A put a 85% cap on the top set and not go to the 100% as it was originally written. Like most, I see myself as a blend of neurotypes, most closely resembling a 2A, and going heavier than a 5 RM completely destroys me mentally, physically, and emotionally the next day. I am useless.
Did I misunderstand your recommendations?
Thank you

No, with built for bad I said that they can’t go all-out on every workout, going up to 100% once a week, 90% once a week and the other sessions at 85%

You can’t compare the layer approach with built for bad. Working up to a max on 5 lifts in a workout is something that only Types 1A and 1B can do often.

I just finished writing an article on whether you can train heavy often (it will be on a track and field site) and I say:

“There is one neurotype left, the 2A. 2As are middle of the road. They can train heavy fairly often, 2 sessions a week, maybe up to 3. Or train very heavy at a high frequency (4-6 days a week) for a brief period of time (3-4 weeks) if it is followed by an equal period of lower load training.”

So for a block of 3 weeks it’s fine to ramp up to a 1RM on layers