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Layer System: First Layer (Pins) for SGHP and Preacher Curl?

Hi all,

I’m going to start the layer system tonight, but am slightly confused with the first layer. I know I’m pushing against pins for the first layer, how would that apply to SGHP and preacher curls?

Pull up against the pins.
Curl against the pins.

You’re still applying force into the pins. On the bench your pressing into them and these two your applying the force from above the pins.

Yeah but I’m not sure I get that…like where would I place the pins to not go above them?

Imagine the position you want to pull from for the SGHP. Think about where the barbell will be. Put the pins just above there, so you can pull against them.

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Is SGHP Snatch Grip High Pull? If you are not doing it off the floor and you have any care for your hands then I’d not use pins for that movement, blocks are an appropriate alternative.

Has anyone here actually done preacher curl layers??

i dont think i could ever go to the gym and just layer a preacher and go home…

Me… just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean that nobody wants to do it. Furthermore it actually provides a lower stress workout. You can’t always be pedal to the metal.

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How would you do this?