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Layer System Confusion

I like the program and the idea but I think I am misreading the training principles. It seems like a lot of volume in one day with one exercise but with different training methods, am I right?

Can someone give me a fully day of Layer system to what it looks like?

Am I describing a typical training day here, for example, bench:

5 layers

Exercise 1 - 4 sets of isometric press, 6 secs, with 60 secs rest between

Exercise 2- 5-7 sets of 2 reps until you reach your 2RM (what does it mean until you reach your 2rm, am I to progress the weight over the weeks until I achieve my 1 set of 2rm, not sure what that means?
If my 2RM is 285, am I to do 150 or 155 for this exercise?

Exercise 3 - 3 sets of 4-6 reps at 90% of 2RM

Exercise 4 - 3 sets of 6-8 slow eccentric reps at 70% of your 2 RM

Exercise - 5 - 1-2 sets of mid-range reps using 50% of your 2 RM

This is all one day, under one movement? This seems neurally draining on the body with the negative and clusters but how of other responded?

Should I be fininshing this workout under 45 minutes, am I not to exceed an hr, similar to the standard of BDW?

It’s designed to be tough! And a big part of the whole idea is training your Neural “drive”?

Using all the layers is pretty stressful, and you probably won’t use the entire program, for an extended period of time.

But if you’ve never tried Isometrics, or CAT style reps, or slow eccentrics or mid-range pump reps it’s a great introduction. When you use all the methods in order, you really “feel” what’s happening with each one. And the differences between the different executions. You’ll probably find a method or two you really like, and will use in the future, in different routines.

As for time, it might take awhile. There is a lot to do. Especially the first couple workouts, while you kinda figure everything out. Then you’ll settle in and it will get a little smoother and faster. Keep track.

For me, the first sign I was getting tired and run down was the workout started to take forever. If it used to take 75 minutes or an hour and a half to get through the work-out, then one day I’m in there 2 or 2.5 hours, it’s time to back down a little.

It is definitely draining. Coach has said a few times that it is meant to be a sprint program done for a few weeks max.

If you search for other topics he has also said that you can use layers on one body part you want to emphasize while doing less demanding work on other body parts. Then you can do layers for longer, especially if you rotate the layer system exercise.

For the 2RM portion you are ramping up, in sets of 2, until you reach a set where you are fairly confident you won’t be able to do 2 reps on the next set - for you this would be somewhere right around 285 on week 1. Based on certain factors this might be slightly different week to week.

Thereafter you base all the numbers off that number you reach, at the percentages you listed.

Yes, it’s a tough workout, and that’s why 2 of the days of the week are done using an explosive movement where neural fatigue can’t be that high (the snatch grip high pull). That’s also why this should only be done for 4-6 weeks and then you switch to a less demanding approach

Lonnie hows it going man? Incredible progress pic (you look 2x bigger than your old avi i seem to recall)

Are you still doing layers? What sort of training are you up to these days !

Hey sigil,

I’m doing good, I have a kid now who just turned one so I have had to accommodate that. In the interest of staying mobile and “spry” I have gravitated away from soreness inducing workout styles.

I generally try to hit it Waterbury style: full body, 3 main workouts with rotating rep schemes, and on the off days I either do nothing (or catch up on sleep), or some light assistance stuff (rear delt, neck work, conditioning). I just make sure I’m working hard, that’s my main goal

Good to hear, sounds like you got your hands full !