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Layer System Around An Existing Injury


CT, how would you go about setting up the weekly schedule for a person that cannot do legs? By legs I mean quad dominant hip flexion. I can do DL from floor no problem, both conventional and sumo but no trap bar. I just cannot squat, leg press, etc. I really like the system and want to give it a go, just not sure on the best setup.





Actually, I found my answer. There is so much info spread out amongst many different threads that it took a little while to find. One other question though. Can the program be done M-F (5 straight days of lifting) if diet and weekend recovery are on point? Of course I would stick to just the layers at first without any accessory work to see how I recover. Over the next few months I will not have the ability to do any weekend workouts. Thoughts?


Are you able to High Pull? You might have to ramp up only to a 3RM on high pulls to keep the weight lighter.

Slight Incline Pin Press

Clean-Grip High Pull + Dead-Start Rows from Pins or Pendlay Rows (3-4 sets of 8-9 reps)

Rest Day

Sumo Rack Pull from Mid-Shin

Slight Decline Pin Press

Snatch-Grip High Pull + Bicep Curls (3-4 sets of 8-9 reps)

Rest Day


Yeah I can high pull. Did it yesterday as a matter of fact. No issues. What you laid out is very similar to what I was thinking. I would have to cram it into 5 straight days though. At least for the next few months. Will have to see what recovery is like and then go from there I guess. If need be, take out the rack deads and make that a rest day if I find that it is too taxing running 5 days straight. Thanks.