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Layer System and Cardio


Hi CT,

I'm still using layers for long term body recomposition. i train around 5:30pm every day.

I was wondering what your stance is on 10minutes of high intensity cardio every morning before work? will this effect recovery/gains much?

my 10 minutes is basically 30'/30' exercise/rest for 10minutes; functional work like battle rope, very light complexes, skipping etc.


It's funny when people think that they can't do any cardio or their muscles won't grow. Try to get 3 hours of cardio every week, when you sleep 8-10 hours and eat cleaner and right, you will feel better all the way. I'm doing cardio 4-5 hours weeks, and I'll decrease it when my power-levels don't rise anymore.


Dude, seriously don't worry about it. I actually used to think that you should avoid cardio and energy system work at all cost when doing the layer system. But...

A lot of football used it while also doing pretty intense metabolic conditioning twice a week and got super strong.

A lot of hockey players did the same but with 2 metcon sessions and 1 ice practice per week and also got very strong.

I am doing metcon challenges/energy system work myself and my strength is going up.

The only thing is that if you want to keep on adding more strength and size you might have to increase your nutrients intake a bit.