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Layer System and Build for Bad


this is my first post here, but i have ready many of your articles. I am very interested in the layer system, thats the reason why i write here. Maybe i should start with perosnal informations:

I am 17 years old, train since 18 months, and my lifts are (1RM): Deadlift 170kg, Benchpress 115kg, and Squat 120kg. My goal is to get stronger and to build more muscle mass. I trained after Bill Starr 5*5, but the more i found out about your style of training, the more interested i got. I am at the moment interested between: Build for Bad and the Layer System, but i only got questions about the layer system. (Ist hard to find all the informationsâ?¦)

  1. You often say something is very powerful, or a powerful tool.
    I believe you :stuck_out_tongue: Is your layer system a recommadation for everbody? (who
    got the time)

  2. Whats is good split ? i have seen already some ( many?) but i always
    thought there is something missing. For example, if there arent deadlifts
    in there, i think i get weak at them and i should do themâ?¦

  3. The frequency. A normal programm has 3-6 exerices per workout the layer
    system only 1, and squats are only made 1 time per week. Isnt a normal
    programm better than? ( ist just a theorectical question… dont get angry
    :smiley: )

  4. Whats the key difference between the layer system and other programms ?

  5. If i have enough time per week, and can chose between the layer system (
    with a good split) and the Build for Bad, what are the factors that should
    influence my choosing between them? ( a comparison?)

  6. The exercises are: bench low incline , why not flat bench ? (just
    learningâ?¦) and everything is from pins, why not â??â??normalâ??â?? ?

  7. In one thread (cant find itâ?¦), you say, that the person can do front
    squats and deadlifts after the layer. Is still a recommanditon if i want
    to do that? ( i need to find the threadâ?¦.)

Thank you for reading, sorry for my bad english â?¦

@Immunion: I’m not CT, but the layer system is about layering movements in the best way to get the most out of your workout. It’s optimal ordering to get the best possible results. Pick a goal and your weaknesses and work on getting stronger. If you think in terms of movements Push/Pull/Legs (i.e. bench press/strict press/pushpress, high pulls/cleans, front squat or back squat, etc…) in makes a lot of sense. There are a lot of possibilities, but as long as you are doing big basic barbell exercises and your performance is improving you are on the right track.

Thank you for your answer. I’m just thinking about if i can gain with the layer system as much as with build for bad or another program? It is hard to imagine for me that 5-6 exercises per week are equal to a program where you have about 18 exercises per week.
My split would be
Day 1: High pulls
Day 2: OHP
Day 3: Squat
Day 4: flat bench
Day 5: high pulls + deadlift
Day 6: OHP
Is that a good split or do you have any critics on it?