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Layer Programme for Full Powerlifting Meet

I was hoping if you get a few minutes you could give me some input on this. I know youre a busy man and any help is greatly appreciated. Ive been using your layer system for 7/8 weeks now and im seriously enjoying the system. Havnt had this much consistent motivation and happiness towards my workouts since i started in the gym. So thank you firstly for that.

Im going to be entering my first powerlifting meet at the end of january where ill be competing in all 3 lifts. Im following the reccomendation of alternating 4 week blocks of strength work with more hypertrophy based stuff (ramp/cluster/hdl). My main issue is simply regarding the split as I need to be drilling my technique on all 3 lifts. So I was thinking something along the lines of:

Bench Press, Squat, SGHP, Bench Press, Deadlift, SGHP, Rest and repeat

What are your thoughts on this?

Accessory wise (unless you say otherwise) I was planning on:

Squat + Deadlift day - Front Squat and Farmers Walks
Bench Press day - Military press or push press, dips and bear-hug carries
SGHP day - Stiff-legged deadlift, Pull-ups and Over-head carries.

Thank you in advance for any help here.


If anyone else could chime in on an issue im having also it would be really appreciated:

I bench with a close grip a, because im stronger using this grip (dominant shoulders ) and b, it means i get zero shoulder issues regardless of pressing problems. My chest is my weak point in my bench so im trying to brain storm accessory work or changes in exercises to address this. I currently perform dips after each press workout but i still dont really feel these in my chest at all, even though im going deep as possible and making an effort to lean forward. A few ideas ive had to try are:

Perform my whole decline press workout with a wide grip (i want to keep my regular bench improving in my current set up for powerlifting)
Perform the earlier ramp sets of my bench press and decline press workout with a wide grip
Add in some kind of chest isolation work

If any one could put their 2 cents forward (either with other suggestions or which option you think would be best) itd be really helpful. I can not do massive amounts of wide grip pressing as it just causes havoc with my shoulders but a whole decline press workout once a week should be do-able if thats the best way to go about it :slight_smile:


hawaii tunya started a post awhile back specifically for the same reason. she was entering a powerlifting competition.
lots of good stuff there. see if you can find it. also, or maybe you can ask hawaii.

here ya go

hey, thanks for looking in. Yeh ive looked over that thread a few times. The difference was that she was only doing a push/pull whereas i am doing all 3. I was going to go with that split but add in a squat day but i thought that since CT is coming up with so much at the moment in terms of new variations and methods i was curious as to whether he would reccomend anything different :slight_smile: