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Layer on a 2-a-Day

Hello Mr Thib,

I’ve been following your programs for the past 6 months and they’ve worked better for me than any program I’ve ever done before. You gave me the professional permission I needed to train 6 days a week… I used the best damn natty program early on with a squat every day protocol attached at the start of every workout, going from a 200 lb slob to 182 in 3 months while adding a little over an inch to my twigs (from 13.5” to 14.8”). My jeans no longer fit me, and my lat spread is cool, not pro, but it makes me happy.

Long story short, I’m a month out from a beach trip and I’d like to peak. I’m a type 1b neuro-psycho, and I’m wondering what you would think about performing Layer as my morning workout and, 4-6 hours later, a second workout focusing on sets that bring me up to a special set such as mTor, Myo, or Cluster. Limited to 30 mins… I’d be doing all of this on a maintenance diet where my daily protein is about 10-15 grams above body weight, and I’m eating enough calories for maintenance (2200-2400, so lower end for my new weight). I’m religious with my diet, and currently natural, although I will be going to a hormone doctor next week and in the next few months will get legal enhancement.

Thank-you dearly, sir!


Layer system is already set up nicely to work for 2 a days. Just split it in half. Isometrics, ramping, and clusters in the AM. Slow eccentrics and myo rep sets in the PM.

I wouldn’t add more on top of the program as you suggested. The AM/PM split may allow you to do a bit more volume than if you hit it all in a single session.

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I’m thinking in the way of adding hypertrophy-specific training… I immediately realized that Layer would lend itself to a split, since it splits itself between strength specific and hypertrophy specific sets. Basically, CT says in the Layer article not to add more than two exercises of 3x6-8 at the end of Layer on any training day. So my question is whether it would really mess things up if I added two supersets that ran as an am-pm split as far as overtraining and recovery go.

do this…

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6 Weeks is extremely effective but I just cannot get into the 2 hour training days anymore. :frowning: