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Layer Guide

Hello Everyone,

I’ve been away (without computer) for a while now. Back when I was regularly reading the live spills there were just a couple of layers. From what I’m gathering, CT has released several layers now.

I’d like if we could come together and write out all the different types of layers and their applications. This would be a one click guide that could be viewed by all and updated as CT creates and releases more applications. Perhaps we could even try to create our own layers that CT can mull over? Who knows.

5/4/3/2/1 layer: Ramp up to a perfect form 1rm (no technique breakdown). Start at 60% of this value for the first workout and do 5 reps then 4 then 3…etc with 10-15s rest in between each microset. 1-4 sets should be performed.

Alright guys, who can help out?

Hi JamesLiftsHeavy,

a while back I put together a lot of info on the layer system in Thib’s Layer System.

You can view it here:


Maybe we can open up a new forum with all the info of the layer systems posted in one place.

Cheers Pat

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I’m reluctant to do this without CT’s permission.

I have already wrote this up for myself and friends etc based on the current information provided, but I won’t post it here without his say so or approval.