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Layer 2-Day Split



I have a question regarding using the layer system in a 2-day split. I have used a 5-day split before to great success (Bench, Squat, Trap Bar DL, Overhead Press, High-Pull). However, I play rugby and the conditioning, practice and game commitments make it difficult to train more than 2-3 times per week.

I was wondering if it is possible to do both an upper body and lower body main lift on the same day. Have you ever prescribed a version of the layer system where a trainee does 2 main lifts per day, two days a week? If so, how would you recommend doing this to maximum efficiency?

I have used a two day split before that looks like this (but not with the layer system)

Bench Press/ Squat

Deadlift/ Military Press

Thanks in advance for any direction you can provide!


5/3/1 might be a better fit for you. I know at least one rugby player on this board who's highly recommended it for in-season athletes.


this, or maybe try WS4SB? its a 3 day split i know, but maybe you work it in.

alternatively, you could try picking 2 layer days (one big lower body, one big upper body) and maybe do some accessory work to cover other muscle groups?

Bench Press Layers
Pull Up Accessory Work

Trap Bar Deadlift Layers
OHP Press Accessory Work