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Lay The Snack Down?


What are some of your favourite snacks P&C or P&F combinations? I find variety in the snack department is lacking I even thought about having a crack at the dogs beef chews the other day for some options in the beef jerky department?

Post your ideas before they put me in a straight jacket for opening the bags of food at the local pet store to taste them or i get arrested for cruelty of animals fighting pitbulls over dry biscuits.

maybe im just taking dawg skool to far?


One of my favorite PF&C snacks is Peanut Butter & Sugar free Polaner Jelly, on a toasted whole wheat english muffin.

Beyond that, for a P&C snack I munch on reduced fat whole grain triscuits with fat free kraft cheese on top, although that snacks sodium content is fairly high if that's something you're concerned with. And to be a bit less original, it's tough to beat just some good 'ol nuts/cashews for a P&F snack.


I don't "snack". I think that is a waste of a meal. If I am usually shooting for 6 meals or more a day, wasting my appetite on a "snack" wouldn't even make much sense.


Almonds and/or fresh fruit. Whatever is in season and on sale.



one scoop chocolate Grow! with one tablespoon of all natural peanut butter (p+f)

one scoop of chocolate grow with 4-6 ounces of plain, nonfat yogurt and throw some fresh berries in if you need to up the calories (p+c)

low fat cheesesticks also rock. the kind i buy have 9g of protein and only 60 calories per stick (p+f)

plus, anything pre-made (grilled chicken breasts, hard-boiled eggs) are pretty portable and tastey to munch on.


I was told well at the gym from one of the "trainers" that if the protein isn't mixed with water that it won't digest properly in your sromach? Fact or fiction?

One that I like is taking beans(usualy cheapest that are higest in P) soaking them in water over night(helps to remove the enzime that make u fart). Either beer or chicken, with LF Cheddar on top. Nice taste high protien, can be high in fat depending on beand cheese and meat used but good taste and high in P.


What would a typical 6 meal or more day look like for yourself? I understand where your comming from with the wasting time on snacks, by snack i mean not breakfast lunch or tea but the in between meals.


Snacks are good if you don't have the greatest appetite and you need to get in some calories...

-Hard boiled egg whites
-Jack Links Steak bites
-Raw almonds with Pimiento stuffed green olives
-Venti Starbuck's Iced Coffee, black, in a shaker with a scoop of chocolate protein powder
-Raw shelled pumpkin seeds and cherry essence dried plums





Looking good! You should post more pics!




Aww thank-you....will do!!