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Lay Off From Training How Long

I have basically had a lay off from training for around 6 months( reasons are another story ) how long should i wait before start gear again ideally as i have done many cycles before and obviously have lost a large amount of muscle with my lay off. i am basically the same size as i was before a started my first cycle, so i still have far amount of natural gains on my frame.

If you’ve previously had a large amount of muscle mass that’s been recently lost, and are looking to get back to where you were (or beyond), I’d probably get on GHRP+GHRH Peptides or just HGH in the coming weeks. Use a periodized training program with ramping volume, as you start to feel overtrained, or getting to the high-volume / end of loading phase of the program, start to shoot a long acting AAS of your choice. If using Deca or EQ throw in the test 2 weeks after first pin (assuming shorter T ester) and then add the oral for the final kick another 2 weeks or so later.

You should also scale your caloric/protein intake to match the training/AAS regimen throughout.

This would work great with a 6+ week training program.