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Laxatives and Fiber

I’ve been taking antibiotics for a while now and it has seem that the medication has really messed up my regularity of bowel activity.I was wondering if taking laxatives would be a good idea, if so, which brand. Also, I am thinking of trying out a fiber supplement.Will these help? It’s kinda difficult working out on a full tank.

Since antibiotics kill everything in your digestive tract, including all the bacteria that help in digestion and kill unwanted bacteria. Taking some supplements containing these could help.

I cant imagine any other reason why antibiotics would mess up digestion.

Eating some raw bran, its cheap, would make you lay bricks in the toilet the size of a horse. I thought eating a good supply of fiber is good for the intestinal flora and fauna so it should help.

There’s a cereal on the market called Fiber One that’s pretty loaded with fiber. There’s also metamucil cuz it has psyllium fiber in it.