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Lax-Crazy Log

I am starting to get serious about working out, and with lacrosse season starting up, I figure I should give this a shot.

body fat: I have no idea

Current programe: 5x5 Bill Starr (I am starting on monday and going to be on it for the next 8 weeks)
bench: 225x5
squat: 245x5
bent over row: 165x5
powerclean: 185x3
deadlift: 335x5
military press: 115x5
pull ups: bw+40 x5
dips: bw+50x8

Diet: ASS. I am on summer break and I eat like shit, Once I get to NY I get a budget and there for eat like a king, and eat great. So just eating better should resault in some fat lose. I will keep a log of my meals starting monday(day 1 of training)

goals in the gym: Over the next 8 weeks focus on getting faster and stronger.

goals on the field: work on my on the run shot, dodging on a middie and LSM, getting my outside shot back.

I have 16 weeks untill winter break. I will change my programe from the 5x5 to WSB4SBIII. Then once winter break hits I will focus on conditioning untill season starts.

here is what my schedual will look like


wall ball(lacrosse)
BB bench 5x5
Front squat 5x5
bent over row 5x5
calf raises 3x12
fore arm 3x8-12

wall ball
dodging (with out a person)

deadlift 4x5
incline bench 4x5
powerclean 4x5
weighted pull ups 4x5

wall ball
dodging (against a person)

catch (yes this is not wallball)
BB bench 4x5,1x3,1x8
Front squat 4x5,1x3,1x8
bent over row 4x5,1x3,1x8
weighted dips 3x8-12
curls 3x8-12

SAT off

Planted shooting
10x10 yard (1:00 rest)
8x 20 yard (1:30 rest)
4x 40 yard (2:00 rest)
5x10 yard (1:00 rest)
10x 20yard shuttle (1:30 rest)
5x L drill (2:00 rest)

I will try to get some pictures up of what I currently look like.

I am a hard working kid and I accept and appreciate help. I will be posting all my work outs, including the lacrosse ones.

used to play some college ball and 2 years club, still dabble a little. Will be watching this log! Good luck bro!

here are some pictures taken today
these are pre workout, post breafeast

I dunno why these pictures aren’t working… here are the links to it

todays work out (lbs)
bench 90x5,110x5,130x5,165x5,200x5
front squat 65x5,85x5,100x5,125x5,150x5
bent over row 65x5,85x5,100x5,125x5,150x5
calf raises(machine) 3x12x195
wrist curls (standing) 3x12x90
DB lateral raises 3x12x25s

eating like shit for my last day, tomorrow I fly out to NY and buy me some good food

today I just did my sprints and my abs

10x10yard sprints (1:00 rest)
8x20yard sprints (1:30 rest)
4x40yard sprints (2:30 rest)

My acceleration on the 40yards seemed real slow, it took a while to hit my top speed. I haven’t done 40yard sprints for sometime

4x25sec,1x19sec isometeric ab wheel holds (fully extended)

I haven’t had internet at my new place, so sorry about the long break in this. I have been keeping track of everything.

I am in NY now and lacrosse season is just a few days away.

8/27 I flew in, went to the gym and lifted
Dead Lift: 5x170,5x200,5x250,5x300
Military Press: 5x60, 5x70, 5x90, 5x 105
powercleans: 5x90, 5x105, 5x130, 5x160
pull ups: 5xbw-20,5xbw,5xbw+10,5xbw+25

I also did some wall work that day, but I ran into my coach half way through and I went to pick up my award (academic all-american whoop whoop!)

went shooting later with my roommates, I was rusty as hell, and I was tired from the lifts

I did some more shooting, this time on a goalie. I was a bit sore from the shooting, my abs are a little tender and so are my hands.

I was a little rusty but I could still move the ball pretty fast, so I am happy with how I am for right now, I know things will come to soon.


front squat: 5x65,5x85,5x100,5x125,5x150,8x100 (wasn’t thinking and did 5)
bent over row: 5x65,5x85,5x100,5x125,3x150,8x100
zoltman curls: 3x10x35 DBs

some more shooting and some wallball

so far all the shooting has been pretty light in volume


I woke up pretty sick, so I wasn’t happy.

suicides 5-10-15-20 (yards) x 5

we did it timed with a watch clock, I know it isn’t exact but I am going to use these suicides to trace my progress


overall I was happy, I split a few times, but whatever

bench 5x90,5x115,5x135,5x170,5x205
front squat 5x70, 5x85, 5x100, 5x125,5x150
bent over row 5x70, 5x85, 5x100, 5x125,5x150
fore arm curls : 85x12, 2x12x95
barbell shurgs from a deadlift: 12x245, 2x12x265
hypers: 2x12x45


some slow ladder work (this was done 4 hours after the lifting) I just wanted to get my feet moving again.

wallball, some shooting
ab circut 2x16 each (sprinter sit ups, v-ups, toe touchs, dunno what the last thing is called but its for the lower abs)
side bends 3x20x65 dbs

3hours later

some doding, just shacking off the rust, things felt pretty good

some light jump rope work, just getting my feet moving before try outs on tuesday

now we are cought up to today

wallball (I am super sweaty from this dunno why)
I had a whole lot of trouble getting 310 up, my hands were dripping with sweat and I couldn’t get a grip to save my life, I did the first 3 fine, but i had to keep putting the weight down and re gripping it. oh well next week I will do my wallball after

Military press: 5x60,5x70,5x90,5x105
powercleans: 5x90, 5x110, 5x135, 5x160

I forgot my weight belt so I did some lat pulldowns our machine doesn’t have the number of LBS on it, so I have nothing… I just ramped up to a heavy 5.

facepulls: 3x12x i dunno… 6 plates… this gym isn’t very good :confused:

lax meeting right now, Im pretty pumped things have been going good.

I don’t know when my next update will be since I don’t have internet at my place yet.

take care and thanks everyone


today all I did was some short sprint work

warm up and stretch
10x10yard shuttles (1min rest)
6x L drill (5yards between each cone)(2min rest)

this felt great doing them, I felt real fast and very solid on my stop and go


i went up to the school and lifted

bench 90x5 115x5, 135x5,170x5, 210x3, 135x8
bent over row 70x5, 85x5, 100x5, 130x5, 155x3, 100x8
front squats 70x5, 85x5, 100x5, 130x5, 155x3, 100x8

dips 2x8x55, 5x55
incline DB curls 8x40s,7x40s,6x40s

I’ve been eatinbg good this week and taking protein. I also weighed myself for the first time in 3 weeks and i lost 2lbs
188 right now, which isn’t bad at all.


today we did some 1 on 1 stuff, I did some D work first the first 3 ISOs I tripped over my own feet, I felt stuiped, after that I picked things up and started playing well. I did great against both my roommates(both play Junior A box in canada). I did about 20 ISOs.

After that I went on O, at this point my legs were a little tired the first 3 dodges I broke my Dmans ankles with a split to a change of direction after a few steps. My main problem was I couldn’t finish out of all the shots I took out of the dodge I made 1. I wasn’t happy at this point.

Some more people came by and we decided to play 4v4 this was aboslutly grueling. We did 4v4 with 2 goalies and we played “play the goal” so it was like basket ball. I did extremely well, this time when I dodged I didn’t have to finish, I had some great feeds because of this, I would beat my man then just draw the slide and dish. It felt good and I did amazing in the little scrimage. My roommates agreed that for the ISOs I did shitty on O but in the pick up I played amazing.

Also my legs are shot…

today, my internet is still down.

my legs are also pretty sore, like my inner thigh

bench 90x5, 115x5, 140x5, 175x5, 210x5
bent over row 70x5, 85x5, 105x5, 130x5, 155x5
front squats 70x5, 85x5, 105x5, 130x5, 155x5
reverse flies 3x8x25 DBs
standing forearm curls 3x8x105
standing calf raises 3x8x245 (machine)

I am planning on stretching all tonight and tomorrow also.

on WED I have a timed mile and some timed sprints for lacrosse. I’m not worried about it though my times should be fine


all I did today was some wallball and jump rope work. I got a good stretch in for tomorrow and a decent sweet in too.

today we did the physical test for fallball. I am pretty pumped about it, we did a 3mile run around our campus. I finished 4th overall with a time of 20:55 (not bad since that’s the longest distance I have run in more than a year)

then we did bench. 135x28 it was as many times as you can do, I finished 3rd on that. I was pumped everyone who beat me, or got close to it outweighed me by a good 30+lbs.

We also did 40yard sprint, I wasn’t happy with my times, I left absolutly everything on that distance run and just standing around made my legs feel like cramping.
my times were 5.00sec, then 5.1sec. Oh well

We did shooting after, some time and room and some on the run. I tore that up and felt pretty good I shot 50% on the day so I was happy.

overall I did well and I’m happy with it.


my legs are 100% shot… it’s pretty bad, that run took everything out of me, I did a warm up and stretched today, that’s it


deadlift 175x5, 210x5, 265x5, 320x4 I failed on the 5th, couldn’t hold it anymore. Oh well I’ll get it next week

MPress 60x5,70x5,90x5,110x5

powerclean 90x5, 115x5, 140x5, 165x5

weighted pull-ups -20Lbs+bw x5, BWx5, 10Lbs+bw x5, 35Lbs+bw x5

I’m still pretty sore