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Lawsuit to ban Oreo's

I ran across this at cnn.com, and thought it was both funny, but potentially very beneficial to overall health. More awareness of trans fats can be nothing but good for the general public.

Here’s the story.


Both trans fat and high fructose corn sysrup are the worst for your body. For this reason I shop at places like Whole Foods…it’s a little more expensive, but I feel a lot better since starting to shop there a few months ago. There has definitely been a positive change in my physique b/c of it.

I’ll bet this lawyer’s brother is the guy that sued McDonald’s for making him fat:)

I applaud the effort to publicize the issue surrounding trans fats and especially obesity in children. However, I have no doubt that people will take issue with the attempt to restrict their right to choose and thus deflect criticism away from food companies. Some of the industry comments that I read were ridiculous. One spokesperson said in effect that it’s not up to the industry to decide what is and isn’t healthy, it’s up to the government.

I have a problem with being saved from myself. If i want to eat Oreos then by God I want to eat oreos. This is the dumbest thing Ive ever heard. Even without transfatty acids these things arent even close to being healthy for anybody. This guy is a loser for even thinking of doing this.

I agree the guy’s a loser, but I think that something positive could come out of it. If the government decided that trans fats were ‘hazardous’ to your health, then perhaps all food containing trans fats would be labelled as such.

Obviously, he’s a loser for being angry about potential unhealthy effects of scarfing down Oreo’s all his life, but there is a bit of truth to this as well. If a product contains some kind of oil, do we know if it’s hydrogenated? Is this a requirement? I don’t know. Since I don’t eat Oreo’s, I don’t know if it says hydrogenated oil or not…

One food in particular that I’d love to eat, but avoid, is canned oysters. They’re usually packed in cottonseed oil, but it doesn’t say hydrogenated oil, but I highly suspect that it is.

Anyone have insight here?

Even though high fructose corn syrup and trans fatty acids are terrible for your body who is anyone to say another person cannot injest them. They are not like drugs in which their use truly jeopardizes our society(even though on the funny side looking at fat people is annoying, and on the serious side adult onset diabetes is becoming a true problem for little fat kids). It is a shame we live in a litgious society that allows for frivoulous law suits.

Everyone gets mad when there is talk of banning so called dangerous supplements. the same reaction should happen in this case too.

what next? Twinkies?!?!
This lawsuit is just more evidence that America, the U.S., maybe even the Western World is full of people who are unable and unwilling to take responsibility for their own actions.
Help! I’ve fallen and can’t get up! The government should do something to help me.

Now, if they ban oreos, what will I eat on my cheat day? Hm??

I don’t want the government even remotely involved in choosing what I can and cannot eat. Gods! We need another Thomas Jefferson around.

Elveneyes, you said it. “The government that governs least, governs best.” -Thomas Jefferson

Damnit, GB beat me to the punch. And Coach C.

What the hell am I supposed to cheat on, then?

Oreo just came up with the Uh Oh Oreos, they are the reverse of Oreos. Chocolate on the inside, and vanilla cookies on the outside. If they are reversed, instead of being unhealthy and making you fat, maybe they are healthy and make you ripped.

I challenge anyone to try the new Oreo diet. 1 package of the reverse Oreos a day for a month. If you don’t loose weight, I will send you a buck. If it works, send me a buck.