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Lawsuit Against Friend?


Hi everyone my friend is writing a book and was wondering if there was anyway she could get sued. Her book is a compilation of short stories by averege american women. She posted on websites, forums, campuses explaining what she was doing and that she would use selected stories in her book.

Would this be enough for their permission or should she do other things?

She has finished the book but has not sent it to publishers.


I'd say she'll be fine.

But I'm just a guy on the Interweb, so who knows?


Well, technically if they're not her stories, she's not realy writing anything. I imagine if the women can prove that they wrote the stories before the book was published, that your friend could have some sort of problems, but the whole internet-anonymity thing means anyone can take credit for anyone else's work.

Does she plan on giving the actual authors credit for their stories?



Well that is true, she will be putting in some of her own stories aswell. Yes, she will be giving them credit if they please, name and state/city. when they sent in or emailed the stories(true stories) they either put name or remain anonymous.


Most authors probably get some sort of release for people to sign for these kinds of things.

Know this: if the book is published and does well, someone will sue, even if all the legal Ts are crossed and Is dotted. Whether they would win or not is a separate issue.


Do you know what it take to sue someone in court?

The filing fee.

Your friend should at least have a disclaimer box folks have to check like a term of acceptance before they can post on her website.

It would also be worth the usually free initial meeting with an attorney. From there have her pay the $250.00 for an hour.

But also, her publishers should be giving her all kinds of legal advice. They want their butts covered too.