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Lawn Stryper (Adding Patterns to Your Lawn)


Got bit by the lawn bug.
And have turned into one of those guys who is meticulous with his lawn.

Saw a couple videos on youtube about the "lawn stryper".
Looks good. Tempted to buy one.

Anyone have any experiance with this or know of anyone who has?


There will be no serious threads in "Get a Lyfe". Your tone is entirely too ordinary. You should repost after you have consumed several Landsharks and a couple of Hot-Rox to get your mind right. Your welcome for the free advice.


These guys would be a fine addition to any lawn!

Damn, times are pretty tough, but you do what you gotta do, I guess.

To hell with the lawn jockey's!!


All I do is alternate directional cuts.

I'm not interested in making my lawn a piece of geometric abstract art. In fact I think lawns are a waste of time, effort, water, and fertilizer... only to be cut and the clippings discarded.


These guys would be a fine addition to any lawn!

Damn, times are pretty tough, but you do what you gotta do, I guess.

To hell with the lawn jockey's!!

(Damn, I forgot the pic in the last post)


Mow, my God!



Damn! You beat me to it!

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It's just a roller that lays the grass down a bit more than the shroud/flap on the back bottom of a regular mower as you do a directional cut.

Most commercial mowers (big uns) have one of some type or configuration already.

The real secret there is that you have immaculate grass approximately 3.5 to 4 in. high and good technique. For that a nice NPK fertilizer/weed killer and some milorganite will do.

To get nice stripes-

1.Do a border cut of 1 or 2 passes in opposing direction around the yard where you will be turning around to make the next pass.

  1. Make the cut in the direction that you want the lines to appear. Keep them perfectly parallel.

They will only be visible for a few degrees out from the direction that the cuts were made. If you look perpendicular to this direction, you won't see them.


Here's a freebee for ya. If you have cool season turf (kentucky blue, perennial rye, fescues etc.) iron is your best friend for making your stripes stick out. Once you have your fert dialed in (for general purpose 25-4-10 applied a 1 lb of N/1k sf is a pretty safe bet) a dose of iron will really darken up your lawn and make the dark stripes darker and the light stripes lighter for a boldly stingen stripey lawn.

Heres a couple for ya. Not the best but its all I had on hand right now


You can do the same thing with just about any lawn mower.

  1. put a heavy roller behind the lawn mower to flatten out the grass

  2. set the left side wheels to different height then the right side wheels, so that you cut the grass at an angle

  3. plan out a pattern to mow




Do not put the L and R wheels at different heights


Shows what you know.

Mowing a pattern into a lawn take 3 to 4 times as much time and effort than just cutting the grass. On a lawn in central Texas with a mix of Bermuda and St Augustine mowing a pattern using just a roller will last a day or two at most. Cutting the grass at an angle will allow the pattern to be visable for nearly a week. It may not be the healthiest decision for either the lawn or the mower, but if your gonna put in that much time to cut it you might as well make it last long enough to enjoy it.


Why even try to have a nice lawn if your just going to scalp half of it every week? The reality is it shows how little you actually know. And people wonder why "lawn guys" are seen as mindless idiots... nice work buddy for reinforcing that just a little more everytime you decide to post on this thread.


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