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law enforcement training


what is the best way to apply westside based training training for a law enforcement officer who has to consider sprint training on a 3-4 day commitment totraining


do plan to compete in powerlfting..if not i think you would be better of with a westside/conjugate tier system with sprinting on the off days..bm


Remember that Westside is simply a powerlifting specific application of conjugate training priciples. That is to say that you probably want to use a conjugate system that employs concurrent strength and power development but unless you're training for powerlifting you don't actually want to train "westside".

That having been said, follow the basic template laid out in the eight keys but pick exercises that might be more appropriate to your activities. So rather than just concentrating on a squat bench and deadlift you might include some olympic lifting as DE work and ensure that you put more emphasis on some of the muscles westside doesn't develop as highly.

An example could be:

ME Legs/Delts

ME leg exercise (squat/gm/deadlift)
ME shoulder ex (press)
Supporting work for both legs and shoulders.

ME Chest/Back

ME Chest ex (bench or varition)
ME Back (row or variation)
Supporting work for both chest and back (put arm work here too)

DE Legs/Delts

Explosive squats (jump/box or plyo type stuff)
Explosive Delts (high pulls or oly lifts)
Supporting leg and delt work

DE Chest/Back

Explosive bench (clap pushups etc)
Explosive back (chins or rows)
Supporting chest/back/arm work.

You could also compress the two DE days together into one and reduce the support work done on those two days as well. This would be an example of a non-westside conjugate approach.

If you need more specifics just let us know.



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