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Law Enforcement Training Programs

Hi, Ive posted before but just curious since some time has past. Is anyone in law enforcement or military that feels their academy or agency has a good PT training program? Not Cooper garbage, and although its probably better not the generic CrossFit thing that seems all the craze.

Its taken a year of battling, but I am now running 10 sessions a week for officers (speciality units and street officers), bringing in new seminars and training classes for officers to take instead of the old Cooper stuff (which is insane how much they charge!), and getting the facilities more up to speed.

This summer getting a full platform, bumpers, multi purpose cage, versa climber, glute/ham, and already have a ton of good Hammer strength stuff, med balls, agility ladders, logs with handles, kegs with varying volumes of water in them, hurdles, mini hurdles, ropes, Jacobs ladder, step mills, a new Obstacle course, tires from 200-700 pounds, and other goodies.

Its a battle but I encourage any agency out there to keep pushing for more performance based training for their recruits and street officers. Feedback is outstanding and confidence levels soring.

Just curious…would love to network with some people in the field, I have connections on the athletic side of things but as of yet no one else on the inside who is into “real” S&C. Jay Smith of Fitforce is great civilian instructor, and so is James DiNasio, but other than that Im not in contact with people who might be doing something similar to what I am.

Only Crossfit cultish people-who I admit seem to have the best intentions in the world, but even their certified trainers will come to a session with me and their form on things is not up to snuff at all and they do not understand sets, reps, volume, intensity, etc…just throwing things together to make people puke or sore seems to be the gold standard in Crossfit. Cant imagine the money Glassman is making!

I am active duty Navy, currently in specwar at a special boat team. Due to the extreme nature of our job(we operate boats in pretty much all conditions, we sometimes go out when the Coast Guard won’t leave their building), core strength is of utmost importance. Our unit hired an ATC who initially was just there for rehab, but he has worked his way into a prehab/conditioning role(he is also a CSCS) to avoid the injuries he was originally hired to fix.

Since the implementation of his program, we have seen a marked decreased in injuries, which attests directly to our new program(2-3 years old and constantly evolving) being much better than the old military standard circle jerk of pushups, situps, etc., followed by a long run or swim.

When our trainer began developing the program, he initially got it from the Pittsburgh Steelers(not sure how he networked that one), which quickly led him out to Athlete’s Performance in Tempe, AZ. Most of our program is built off Verstegen’s work, and we are constantly sending operators out to API for a 1-week indoc-type course, to gain a more nuts-and-bolts kind of knowledge of it.

Now thats what Im talking about. If you are working with an ATC/CSCS and sending people to Verstegen, you are light years ahead of most military and police programs. I would really like to network with your coach if possible?