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Law and Order


Listen to this;
My mom was watching law and order and their showcasing this 17 year old on steroids. They're talkin about DHEA (fuckin retards) stacking, roid rage, and cops takin roids to keep the edge. My mom even asked me if I was "on" as she put it. Fuckin uneducated TV.


It appeals to the unwashed, uneducated masses.

Remember, you're better than them so relax.


Make her watch any episode MacGyver

Then ask her why her vibrator and some chicken wire is now the family CD player. (10 nerd points for the movie I'm stealing this quote from)

Then tell her the talking box she used as a babysitter is not the best means of learning.


Google takes the fun out;
From IMDB:
Mallrats (1995). Jay (from Jay & Silent Bob fame)


I'm sure you realize that this is an area where ignorance runs high. I think the reality is that most fatbodies would rather point fingers at those who are going after it than look inward and face their own demons. I'm 37 and over the years I've met a lot of fat people (I'm not talking about a T-man reader who is self conscionce about a few pounds) and aside from a hand full of exceptions, most of them have major physical, emotional, or spiritual issues. In fact I'd say a lot of them are borderline crazy. They'd rather accuse you of juicing than deal with themselves.

Also, I love the show Law n Order but as a former Bailiff and a soon to be licensed attorney I can tell you that they take a lot of liberties in the name of entertainment.


At least some TV is going in the right direction. Not that it'll make much difference.



Careful man don't RAGE. LOL


Good read Tone.