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Lava's Road to 445/335/495/205


Hoping the results for the chem final comes in for you to pass.

Good to end the kind of bad day on a high.

Lots of work this summer :slight_smile:


16 May 2018 - Bench Bodyweight: 213.2lbs
Paused Bench 195x3, 225x3, 250x3
TnG Bench 225x10, 175 5x8
Neutral Grip Pullups 1x7,6,5,4,3,2,1
Bicep Cable Curls 2x12

Rough day on the bench. I could’ve used another day to recover I think. Doing 7 pullups is hard for me which tells me two things: my back is weak, and I need to do more pullups. Noted. My TnG bench was really weak today for some reason which I haven’t been able to figure out. I was very slow off the chest today which means I need to get some Spoto press or pause bench in my routine ASAP.

After a little reflection on yesterday’s workout, I decided to not be mad about paused deadlifts. They’re my choice for Dark Horse for a reason: they expose my weak point!! Even if my back was 100%, I think I would struggle with 315lbs for pause deadlifts. I expect to be bad with pause squats and Spoto press too now. Not worried. As long as I make progress with those lifts during the 9 weeks of training hard, I’ll be happy.

I bought an electric stim machine out of curiosity/to help with recovery. It’s a nice little thing, 8 possible electrodes but I only use 2 of them. They made my lower back feel absolutely AMAZING, and I’ve been using them a lot on the distal end of my quads as well as on my abductors. I’ve already found that electric stim is great for parts of your body that are hard to stretch or roll effectively. Traps, abductors, glutes, and delts (plus quads) all feel fresh after I use it on them for 20-30 minutes. I’m a little hazy on the exact science, but basically it’s this: the electricity causes your muscle to contract, which increases blood flow to the muscle after a while. It’s not taxing on your body at all because it isn’t a contraction caused by your body. I’m looking forward to using this for a long time.


I’m thinking pause squats too…
Floor press
Fat grip z press
Deads not sure yet (paused, sumo, deficit or snatch grip)

I had a crap bench day 2 days ago and then tonight the best squat session I’ve ever had.


You have a lot of volume on bench. It could be fatigue from that.

But nice lifting anyway


Yeah I have one more session and then a deload for bench, I think you’re right


17 May 2018 - Squats Bodyweight–213.1lbs
Back Squat 245x5, 280x5, 315x5, 5x10 245
Banded Knee Goblet Squats 2x15 90lb

Actually had a fantastic day squatting yesterday. The weight moved really well, I filmed my top sets (315x5 and 245x10) and I was pretty surprised and very pleased with how powerful I looked on the concentric. I squatted in Chucks which was a bold move, because last time I did that my abductors were sore for about 5 days. They’re fine today, but my quads are a little sore.

My back felt amazing. I warmed up with my usual 45 second side planks and 20 rep band clams. In conjunction with some electric stimulation right above my sacrum, I think those exercises are my best choices.

I’ve decided to eliminate pulling from my routine for a while. Lately it’s just been bad workout after bad workout for deadlifts. I’ll focus on each muscle group individually and I’ll work different parts of the deadlift ROM separately so I can get good work done without aggravating my back and/or feeling weak.

I have the next 3 days off from lifting. I’m going to do a few side planks and AMRAP band clams each day at home so I can be super fresh and feel good on Monday. Monday will probably be a bench + hamstrings + back day (pull ups and DB rows). Tuesday will be more squats and then we’ll see! I’m in great need of a bench deload right now. I imagine that my squat will tank in the next workout or two and then I’ll deload for that as well


21 May 2018 - Bench Bodyweight: 212.4lbs
Warmup: Shoulder mobility + band clams
Paused Bench 210x5, 235x3, 265x3
TnG Bench 225x10, 175 4x10
Incline DB Bench 3x15 55lbs
Wide Grip Pullups 2x8 bodyweight
Face Pulls 4x25 25lbs
GHR 2x10 Bodyweight

5 rounds of: 5 Neutral Grip Pullups, 5 OHP (95lbs), 5 GHR. No rest between rounds, no missed reps. 25 total pullups, OHPs, and GHRs in just under 5 minutes. (Embarrassing, but this had me sweating a little. Just a little.)

Bench went well today which was weird because I felt last session like I needed a deload. I’m still going to deload next session but I’m glad today wasn’t borderline impossible. The deload will probably happen on Thursday or Friday and my next “tough” (for lack of a better word) bench session will be 7-9 days from today. Plenty of time to rest up and let my accumulated fatigue wash away. Deload will probably be a few singles at 275 or 285 depending on how I feel and that’s pretty much it. The whole point is to rest up.

I enjoy doing pullups now which is weird, I used to hate them. I’m still not a fan of barbell rows… single arm row variations are much easier to get a lat pump with IMO. Balanced out my pressing with some OHP and face pulls today, and I primed my hammies for squats tomorrow. Last squat session had my legs feeling fantastic and I think it’s because I did 5x10 GHR the day before. Gave the hammies a little juice before squats.

I’ve decided to lay off deadlifts for at least a month or two and focus my energy on squats and bench this summer. Frequency for squats and bench increasing will give me more time and energy to improve those lifts, both of which are at or near plateaus, so I kinda need that.


22 May 2018 - Squats Bodyweight: 213.4lbs
Warmup: 60 second side planks + band clams
Back Squat 265x3, 305x3, 335x5, 5x10 245lbs
DB Banded Goblet Squats 1x20 75lbs
Bicep Curls 50x6, 45x8, 35x10,10,10

Threw discus for about 45 minutes

Decent day squatting today. Got 335x5 fairly easily which is great. I’m sort of living within my means in terms of training heavy right now. I’m not pushing any of my sets to failure, I think my RIR are always 5+ for what would be my + sets. If you guys follow MarkKO’s log, you’ll see how beneficial training sub-submaximally can be. I did feel a little slow during my 5x10, but one more session before my deload.

Tomorrow is a back/hamstring day. Gonna throw some core in there too. I’m about halfway done with hypertrophy, and I gotta say, it’s going a lot faster than I thought it would. I’m enjoying doing the high rep stuff and it’s cool because I can feel MUCH more of a difference from session to session than I do when I’m focusing on strength. With the high volume it’s easier for me to detect my fatigue. Deloads are more appreciated with high volume too. I can’t wait to shed some of this fatigue and come back stronger.


Training looks like it is going well man.

Hamstrings the next day after squatting? You like to live dangerously don’t you…


Training is going well, nothing amazing is going on but nothing bad is happening either. Nice and vanilla right now. And yeah, my hamstrings don’t get sore very easily and I’ve noticed I can hit them pretty frequently with no issues during squats. I’m lucky I guess


23 May 2018 - Active Rest Bodyweight: 213.6lbs
Neutral Grip Pullups 2x10
Wide Grip Pullups 1x10
Standing OHP 95x8, 135x5, 95x10
Side Planks 2x1:00 each side
Band Clams 2x25 each side
Good Mornings 3x10 95lbs

Threw discus for half an hour (no shirt, lots of sun. Good stuff.)

Kind of an awkward active rest day. I didn’t take any pre workout which threw me off. Got a half-assed back pump, and I did some OHP to balance out my shoulders. My back was bothering me extra today so I did my rehab stuff and a few hanging lateral leg raises for obliques.

Not a whole lot to say about today. No legit weight was moved, I just wanted to get the blood flowing which I guess I did. Sorry for not being active on these forums lately, I’ve been pretty busy.

Plan: Bench tomorrow, it’s a deload. I’ll probably do 3x1 ~87% and 3x2 ~82% and then focus on core/stretching. That’d come out to 3 singles at 270-275ish, and 3 doubles at 255. Gonna pause them all and focus on rowing the bar down to my chest. Friday is a nice easy shift at work, 2-9:30. An hour drive there and an hour drive home, so more like 1-10:30, but whatever. Driving ain’t the hard part! I like to blast either rap or classic rock. I might bump some country since it’s probably going to be about 75 degrees at 9:30pm on Friday night lol. Squats on Saturday, looking like 280x5, 315x3, and 355x1+. I’ll cap myself at 4 reps, but I feel no obligation to actually do 4. If I feel awful, I’ll do my one rep and be done with heavy weights. That’ll be my last squat session before a nice (much needed) squat deload.

I just got done spending the last 10 days dog sitting making $45/day. The time actually flew by ridiculously fast because I spent the first 3 days studying for finals and the next 7 trying to figure out my work + female situation for the summer. Work is figured out for this summer AND next summer, but the girl situation is likely years away from being figured out. Still talking on and off with the girl I ranted and raved about a few months back, and since school’s out, I won’t be meeting anyone new any time soon. The whole time I was dog sitting, I would go to bed and start hearing noises. It was ROUGH man. Last night there were some kids slamming garbage cans around outside or something and they were laughing crazily and it freaked me out. I thought I heard the electronic keypad on the front door being used, but it wasn’t. I could’ve sworn I heard people talking and opening and closing drawers in the kitchen. Again… nothing. I’m one paranoid SOB. Hope you’re all having a productive week! Time to get some sleep and recover hardcore!


24 May 2018 - Bench Deload!! Bodyweight: 214.5lbs
PVC Pipe Shoulder Mobility + OHP
Pause Bench 135x5, 185x3, 225x3, 275x1, 285x1 (PR!), 275x1, 255x1
DB Bench 1x3 90lbs
Neutral Grip Pullups 2x8 bodyweight
Wide Grip Pullups 1x10 bodyweight
Single Arm Machine Row 5x10 3 plates

1.6 mile walk with my hound

Nice relaxing & chill day in the gym today. Just me and the other assistant throwing coach benching. He did 300lbs for 6x6 using the infamous Russian Cycle, so I felt kinda bad about myself, but he’s 27. I think I’ll be able to do 6x6 at 300 in 7 years so I guess I ain’t that worried. I got myself a nice 10lb pause bench PR which was pretty smooth. Even unracking it wasn’t that bad (I didn’t use a spotter). Looking back, I lived dangerously today on the bench. No spotter for paused singles at the peak of my fatigued state lol! Maybe a bad idea looking back on it, but I always feel stronger when I lift it off myself. Maybe some sort of stretch reflex??

Hit some back today because I’m riding that wave right now. Do back work every session and see what happens? Worth a shot. I tried doing some barbell rows, but that bent over position is the most uncomfortable and painful position for my back to be in so I scrapped em. I think I need to start incorporating back extension holds on the GHR. I did those frequently in high school and never had any back problems, although I never lifted over 300lbs for any lift, so…

The walk was good. Today was a brilliantly beautiful summer day. About 80 degrees and sunny the entire day, and it’s perfect right now. Tomorrow I’m working (bleh) all afternoon and evening, so no lift for me then. I’m hoping this walk can boost my recovery because my adductors are still crazy sore. I’ve been squatting in Chucks but I might just go back to my Oly shoes.

@losthog let’s talk clash of clans. What war attack strategy do you use?


Hahaha. First of all nice bench pr.

Smart listening to the body. Knowing when to push and when to back off is key to long term lifting (from Dave tate’s Guys). You need some spinal deloading exercises in your routine. (Same source)

Clash…I’m in a fwa clan. I haven’t fought competitive wars in a long time. I just rack up the loots and build build build. I’m seriously just trying to max the base so I can quit playing.

I do lava loon to attack. I get close to 3 stars on most bases. The top guys do a queen walk combo with hog dive troops and loons. I’m not any good and only play on a phone.


Thank you. Working so much submax weight has let my strength abilities refuel and I’m back to a good spot. I was tempted to chase a max but that would be totally counterproductive.

I’ll check this out. I don’t want to give up squats, which I know can be hard on the spine, but I’ll be fine with not picking up heavy things for a while lol

I was at that point too for a while. Then I maxed it (except for walls and heroes. 41 King and 48 Queen) and now I’m only in it for dark elixir and wars. Lava loon is my farming strategy and I’ve recently switched to bowler + queen walk. It’s pretty easy to 3 star open bases, and it always has the potential to 2 or 3 star ring bases. Compartmentalized bases are fairly anti bowler, but those are the bases that loons dominate on. We’re on a 4 war win streak right now… I think our best ever is 6. Not a super serious war clan but we’re pretty good for people who only log on a few times a day


You wouldn’t stop squats, deads, bench, or OHP. But do reverse hypers, hanging knee raises, back extensions. Things that help deload the spinal column. Reverse hypers are “the best” for it but I don’t have one. You can do body weight movements that mimic the reverse hyper on a bench…


Yeah that’s some awesome deloading, can’t wait to see you lift heavy and really tap in to CNS drainage :slight_smile:

Great Bench PR Lava.
When it’s there go for it, as the Hog said, wise to listen to the body… Maybe I should try that sometime… Nahh then I would never lift.


26 May 2018 - Squat Bodyweight: 214.3lbs
Back Squat 275x5, 315x3, 355x3, 375x1. 245x10
DB Goblet Squat 1x20 90lbs

2x100 meter sprints
2x400 meter walks
2x400 meter jogs
Route running for an hour

It felt goooood to go heavy again. My back started bothering me a little bit once I hit 355+, but nothing major. I cut everything short today because I was feeling it in my back. I have a deload next session for squats so it’s not that big of a deal that today was shorter than normal.

I did a lot of conditioning today which my fat ass needs. I got a very good sunburn which I’ll be feeling tomorrow. The theme lately for my workouts has been “there’s not much to say about today.” Other than it felt good to go heavy… I don’t have much to say. Just bumbling along this training cycle. I’ll be benching on Monday or Tuesday, but until then it’s just some easy cardio and rest. Damn. Training is getting boring. I never thought I’d say that, but it is…


Just keep getting in the work. It will pay off


I know the feeling :slight_smile:

Nothing really happens and it’s the same shit over and over.

Once in a while I’ll have to sit down and think about it, what do I want, and how do I want to get where I want to be.
And then I hit a PR or have a very good day, that’s what motivates me to keep grinding.
It’s all those average days that leads to the heavier weights.


You guys need training partners. That is the best part. Shit talking and lifting weights. Funnstuff