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Lava2007 Training Log


Thanks for dropping in and giving us an update. I must say that I’m jealous of your progress at your age. I didn’t really focus on squat, Deadlift, or cleans during my first decade of lifting. I didn’t really start squatting to any sort of depth until 2007. I only used machines or did lunges up until then. We didn’t even squat in college! It was all leg press.

Looking back this either did one of two things:

  1. I severely short changed myself on squat and Deadlift gains.
  2. It could have saved me a bit of self inflicted damage in regards to my hip. Perhaps I’ve always been a ticking time bomb.
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Step 1: Fat shame yourself.
Step 2: Increase calorie expenditure and remove junk from diet.
Step 3: Glory.


Hey all. Been waking up between 212-215 for the last week or so. SI joint is feeling almost like pre-injury levels since I’ve been keeping my glute and core work constant.

I’ve been using a modified SGSS lately. Just some basic linear periodization with 3-5 exercises upper and 3-5 for lower. Depends how much energy I have in each session. Same exercises each time.

I worked up to a 3x5 345lbs for squats and a 3x5 260 for bench. I’m now onto 3s, so tonight is 5x3 @ 275, and tomorrow is 5x3 @ 355 for squats. Squats have been feeling great, no pain, no discomfort anywhere. I’ve been stretching almost daily and my depth is no longer questionable. All in all, I’m in a good place. I plan on working to a 3-5rm for bench and squat in about 4 weeks and then maybe hop back on 5/3/1 again for a little while. The more I’ve been reading, the more that AMRAP sets in moderation seem like a good way to go for me right now. Too many AMRAPs are detrimental, but a moderate amount of AMRAPs is potent for the gainZZZ.

I’ve applied to the University of Illinois and Marquette University in Milwaukee. I still need to apply to a few more schools, but it feels good to know that my life is moving in the right direction. Been working 25-35 hours/week as a delivery driver. Honest work (aka shitty work). It’s all about front loading that pain, baby!!

Will hop on later tonight and check all your logs out.


Looks like you’re progressing well with the weights. It’s good to hear you’re injury free too.

Keep grinding with the job and school work.

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Meh, what ever. Blah blah welcome back. Who you?


Welcome back Lava, wondered why and where you got MIA.

Good to hear everything is good.


March 4 2019 - Upper Bodyweight: 216.2lbs
Pause Bench 4x3 280lbs (LSRPE 8)
DB Bench 60x10, 80x8, 100x8 (LSRPE 7.5)
Lat Pulldowns 3x15 115lbs
Face Pulls 4x10
Close Grip Bench 185x10
Side Planks 3x30sec each side
Leg Raises + McGill Curl Up 2x10 each

I think I might be stronger than I’ve ever been before. I did 285x3 on bench on Thursday or Friday and I know I had at least 3 RIR. 285x6 would be a 30lb PR for my 6 rep max. I squatted 375x3 on Saturday evening for a 5lb 3RM with 2-3 RIR. I’m setting small rep PRs with a little left in the tank each time.

My plan for the next 2 weeks is to whittle down the volume even more, and then test a new 3RM for squat and bench. I would LOVE to do 305x3 for bench and 405x3 for squat. I’m trying to cut out alcohol, and make 9-10hrs of sleep a priority each night. Eating while at work during the day also helps me a lot. Pre-lift meals are definitely more beneficial than pre-lift caffeine. Now that I’m finally discovering all of this stuff for myself–because I knew it to be true, but I never acted on it–it’s making an enormous difference.

Rest day tomorrow because my hamstrings are sore; squats on Wednesday night. 4x3 365lbs.

Edit: Here’s a link to my IG. Kind of. @bobrosslifts because I sorta look like Bob Ross with long hair.


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Homemade plan?

Or something more fun?


Alright y’all. Hit some pretty awesome PRs over the last few days. 315x2 pause bench and 405x4 back squat.

Next up for me is still TBD. I can’t decide if I want to get right back into an SGSS-type program, or if I want to do 5/3/1 for a while, or if I want to experiment and write my own thing. Most likely I’m looking at another 12 week round of SGSS. It’s simple, effective, fun, and has volume.

@JMaier31 you weren’t lying when you said SGSS is legit. I almost failed a squat at 385lbs 3 months ago, and squatted 4 plates for 4 reps today. My max to start this cycle was roughly 290-300, and I finished by hitting a fairly solid 315 double.

That puts my estimated single rep maxes at roughly 330 for bench and 440 for squat. My goals for this year are 335 and 455, but I’m going to wait a while to attempt any one rep max. I suppose it would be pretty awesome to squat 415-425 for 3 and bench 325 for 3, but we’ll see how it goes.

I’m taking a few more days off, just to give my joints and spine a rest. Going to continue doing cardio and probably get back in the gym on Sunday or Monday. I really want to be better about logging my workouts and talking to you guys about our lifting. I hope you all are doing well :slight_smile:


So you just felt like you needed to show me that you can rep my lifetime goals? Thanks!

Man, SGSS is awesome if you plan it right. I think it’s a good idea to stay below your 1RM for week 12 and then go on to smash a new PR. If I were you then I’d set it up so that you hit 425 for 1 in week 12. If all goes according to plan then it’ll move like butter and then you can reach for 455 and a new PR.

I’m jealous of your progress but I’m about to be shredded! Well, maybe :laughing:


I just wanted to show you what YOU are responsible for!! I didn’t think progress like that was possible for me!

I’ll definitely be using a conservative 1rm. I’m thinking about using 430 for squat and 325 for bench–I think both of those would’ve been smooth singles if I had tried for a 1rm at the end of this recent cycle. They’d also both be 5lb lifetime PRs, so it’d set me up to be repping some weight that I haven’t moved for reps before at the end.

If you get shredded, I’ll be the jealous one! I’m doing cardio a few times a week and hoping that I’ll see some difference in the next few months. If not, then…at least my cardiovascular system will be healthier lol


Hell yeah Lava, and those looked smooth man. Awesome.
yeah SGSS is really good. I’m tempted to get back at it. Maybe as a finisher for the year.
And the back is holding up?

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Cardio is always good for your health. You don’t want to end up like a power lifter who can squat the world but has to take a break on the walk from the car to the grocery store.

My body hasn’t been treating me very well so strength pursuits are on hold (or canceled forever) and I’m focusing on getting lean again. I guess the good news is that there is always something I can do in the gym.


I’m gonna have to run sgss now. Good grief.

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Thanks mort :slight_smile: they felt lighter than they ever had before, but they still looked like a grind to me. And I suppose that the 2 and 4 reps speak for themselves!

My back is doing well. Staying away from deadlifting has really helped me I think. I may just be an average deadlifter for the rest of my life if I ever get back to it, which isn’t a problem for me. If I can bench 300+ for a few reps and squat 400+ for a few reps, you would think that I could deadlift 500+ for a few reps, when in reality it’s probably closer to being halfway between my bench and squat.

I think part of it is that my squat mechanics are way more solid than my deadlift mechanics, so…maybe if I get a coach eventually, deadlifting won’t suck.

I don’t think I could ever do that if I tried. At the height of my bulk about a year ago, I hopped on a treadmill and ran a sub-9 minute mile. I don’t think I have the body type to be a hulking mass of muscles that have their own muscles. Getting to that point is probably more difficult than getting away from it.

@losthog absolutely run SGSS at some point.


16 March 2019
Got my next round of SGSS planned out.
12s for 2 weeks
10s for 2 weeks
8s for 3 weeks
5s for 3 weeks
3s for 2 weeks
2s for 1-2 weeks

Starting bench is at 215lbs, starting squat is at 275lbs, 3x12 and 5x12. The last week of the cycle is a 3x2 at 415 for squats and 3x2 at 315 for bench. I expect those to be RPE 9s, but I’m going to play it the same way I did the first time and hopefully set a few more PRs. As I was reading through the spreadsheet, I was trying to pinpoint the sessions that would be the toughest for me. I think 5x8 255lbs OR 5x5 275lbs will be the toughest for bench. For squats, it’ll either be 5x10 310lbs or 5x8 340lbs. High reps on squats are absolute death, but I need the volume. I also noticed that literally every session will be a volume PR for me if I get all my reps. So, that’s pretty exciting.

New goals are to squat more than 455 and bench more than 335 in 6-8 months. I also want to get below 210lbs and have some semblance of abs. I’m carrying some unnecessary fat (as I have my whole life) where it isn’t noticeable in a t-shirt but it’s apparent when my shirt is off. That fat does very little in terms of helping with my lifts, so it’s got to go. It’ll be easier to squat 2x bodyweight for a few reps if I weigh less. Simple math!!

Did my bench deload yesterday, going to do my squat deload tomorrow. Then I’m back to benching on Monday with a 3x12 215. Tomorrow night I’m going to get my assistance work in order.


How tall are you and what’s your current weight? I’m pretty certain I’m taller than you; I didn’t think I could be lighter than you too.

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That is a neat plan Lava.
What lift beside bench and squat are you doing for the other main lift? if any.
When you run a sub 9 mile, you should have a high metabolism, and you should be able to shed some fat easy.
Looking forward to you journey young man.

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I better get my ass in gear or get left behind.

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I’m 6’2", currently weighing in between 210-214 every morning. You’re 6’4" right?

Thanks Mort :slight_smile:

You left me in the dust after deadlifting for about a month lmao it’s all good