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Lava2007 Training Log


Today’s workout was kind of a shit show.

7 December 2018 - Upper Body W8D2 Bodyweight: 217.4lbs

Warmup - Glute Complex: Clams, 10sec Glute Bridges, Fire Hydrants, Frog Bridges. + side planks 45sec

Pause Bench 3x3 265lbs (LSRPE 8)
Close Grip Bench 185x3
Barbell Rows 1x10 135lbs
Forearm work ~100 reps each arm
Hammer Curls 30x10. 35x10, 40x10, 45x10

So, let me explain. My warmup was fantastic. Hips were nice and loose, and I easily could’ve squatted today. My hips and back have been feeling phenomenal lately, and my squat mobility and hip flexor issues are slowly getting better. I digress.

There were no power racks available, which is unusual because we have six of them and most people are either on the machines or by the DBs. So I was sitting down waiting for one to open up when this guy, Dan, asked me if I wanted to share a rack with him. Since I’m occasionally a socially awkward person, I wasn’t able to say no. So I ended up warming up with 135, then 185, then 225 all within about 3 minutes which is WAY too fast for me.

I ended up getting a pain in my elbow, which I looked up and it turns out to commonly be called “golfers elbow.” I read that it usually comes from a flexed wrist during chin ups and weak forearm muscles. Hence all the forearm work. My elbow felt a lot better after the forearm work but not good enough to do close grip.

So I’m drunk right now but I’ll figure out how to remedy this aberration tomorrow after my lift and before work.

I also did a good amount of platform work on Thursday.
Power Clean & Push Press 100kgx1, 80kg 5x3
Snatch Grip RDL 100kg 5x5
Clean Pull 120kg 5x3

I love platform/olympic lifting. I know I already said that my mobility is getting better, but I’m super happy about it. I’m able to bodyweight squat 1-3 inches lower than I could a few weeks ago. Slowly but surely we will reclaim our mobility!!! I’m excited to see where I’m at in a month or two.


Been a long weekend. I believe my pressing volume and chin ups volume are the culprits behind my elbow pain.

I am going to go in tomorrow and try benching. If I have pain, I will turn it into a lower body workout, come home, and reevaluate.

Right now my plan of action is to continue to massage distal to my left medial epicondyle. Repeated massaging is supposed to help break up any webs of scar tissue that may have formed as a result of inflammation. Working my forearms gave me immediate relief on Friday, and I have read that medial epicondylitis can be worked through by strengthening forearm flexors.

It’s also important to perform exercises with a neutral grip, which I’m pretty good at doing, but it won’t hurt for me to pay more attention to that. Will report back tomorrow.


Benched 3x3 275 with no issues in terms of muscular force. If not for my elbow, which began to bother me during the last set, I believe it would have been an RPE 8-8.5 which is pretty solid for the second week of a phase. After that, I tried one set of pause close grip. Got 255x3, again, with no problems except for my elbow. I went on to do forearm work, core work, mobility, and I ran a half mile in 3min 46sec.

Today was lower body. Mainly split squats. 3x10 with 65lbs in each hand, focusing on a crisp, full, and most importantly, even/symmetrical ROM. I did some wall squats, some goblet squats, 135x10 for front squats and back squats. I worked up to 275 for a back squat single, which felt pretty weird with no knee sleeves. I haven’t used my sleeves in several weeks because I believe that maybe they altered my motor patterns and played a part in limiting my ROM in back squats. Did some side planks, too, along with some band work for my glutes and hips.

Not really sure what to do from here. I have an injured elbow, a wonky SI joint, and possibly a slipped disc. I feel a weird poke-like prickle in my left L1 or L2. Not too sure what I’m going to be doing. I don’t have a lot to post about on here because I can’t really do anything. I’m going to take some time off from posting on here.

@losthog heal up soon, buddy. Take it nice and slow and make sure you’re completely primed before you explode into a shower of PRs (because we all know you’re going to eventually!)

@mortdk good luck with your SGSS peaking phase. Keep devouring those calories and let your body become stronger than it’s ever been! You’ll kill it.

@JMaier31 Sorry you have to be dealing with so many stressors in your life at once, man. That really blows. You’re a tough dude. Just keep on working through it all. Even if you can’t see the light of the end of the tunnel, keep grinding. Every day gets you a little closer to easier times than you were the day before. I’m pulling for you big dawg.

Until next time, fellas. I just need to get my mind right and figure out how to move past these shit injuries mentally and physically. Not sure how long I’ll be gone, but when I come back, I expect some PRs from you guys!! Let’s go!!!


If you haven’t completely shut it down Lava. Thanks for your positive vibes man.
Find your way to stay healthy and fit.
Looking forward to be hearing from you.
And finally a very Merry Christmas and happy and healthy New year to you and yours.


C ya when you get back brother!


Heal up man!


Thanks for the post! I know exactly how you feel. I’ve thought about stepping away from here for the same reason (I also probably spend too much time on here).

I don’t know if you’ve seen @FlatsFarmer’s log but his posts about scapular positioning and the effects popped in my head when I read about your elbow problem. He just posted about how the elbow can get sore if you’re forearm isn’t perpendicular to the bar due to a weak or inactive serratus muscle.

As for the back problems I think you’re in the same boat as me with my hip. Hopefully you can find the muscle that’s causing the problem. It can be tricky. I have so many tight muscles that it’s hard to find the cause. Hopefully I’ve found it now and can attack it.

Seasons of Training
I’m trying to keep my sanity by telling myself that it’s possible to focus on different things through Seasons of Training. I can emphasize one thing without completely losing other things. My current season is conditioning and rehab. I think you’ve found yourself in the same place; you just haven’t adopted the conditioning aspect yet.

I hope you find someone to help you repair your body. Good luck! Stop by after the New Year to give us an update.


It’s only been about 2 weeks but things have improved. I benched for the first time in 2-3 weeks today and my elbow felt fine. My bench is weak compared to what it was a month ago, but no pain. I’m also able to back squat and front squat with no pain.

I’ve been doing core, single leg squats, and heaps of squat mobility work 2-4x each week, and stretching every night before bed. I feel more athletic than ever thanks to that, and the fact that the bulk of my training for the last 2 weeks has mostly been olympic weight lifting.

Overall, I’m feeling good. I’m going to order some elbow sleeves to wear for bench just to keep the golfer’s elbow away.

My current plan of action is to continue on with Oly being the bulk of my training. It incorporates full ROM squats, presses, and pulls with almost every movement. I’m also starting 5/3/1 for bench and front squat. Bench will be once a week, squat will be twice a week, and I will be doing olympic lifting 4-5x/week. Core and mobility/stretching is an every day thing.

I don’t have any bodyweight goals right now. If I lose or gain, it is inconsequential to me. I don’t really have any goals right now, period. Goals will eventually make themselves known as I continue training, obviously. But right now, I don’t have a specific goal in mind. Just to stay healthy and relatively lean and strong.

Merry Christmas to all you guys! I hope you all get some badass stuff. I got my dad a Walter Payton jersey–one of his favorite players of all time. I can’t wait to see him open it.


Merry christmas and welcome back Lava.

This is probably the all life goal everybody should have, with a little twist.
Stay healthy, relatively lean and athletic.


Miss ya bud. Merry :christmas_tree:


That’s an awesome gift! He was one of the first players I remember watching as a kid.

Glad to see you’ve found some pain free movements. I don’t know if you every want to deadlift, but I know you try it on occasion and it results in problems. I started conventional deadlifts in 2014. I didn’t do them long before I decided to max out and that’s when I jacked up my back. After that I focused on power cleans and clean pulls. I ran a program of cleans where I would throw on an extra 50 lbs in the bar after cleans and then do clean pulls. I worked up to 335 - 350 lbs for pulls.

In 2016 I followed the 600 lb Deadlift thread and got the urge to deadlift again. I went to the gym and pulled 450 lbs.

My point is that you don’t have to deadlift to build your pulling strength. Don’t feel compelled to deadlift in the future just because “everyone’s doing it”.


Thanks guys, I’m feeling great and I think I’m back now to log every workout. I’m going to start a lifting instagram soon, and if you guys are on IG, then I’ll drop you all a follow.

I hope you all had a relaxing (or at least happy) Christmas!

I’ll probably give it a go in a few more months. I completely agree with you, too. I did some clean pulls with 130kg/286lbs and it felt good.

Facts. It’s more impressive to me to see someone clean and jerk 315lbs than it is to see someone deadlift 400-500lbs. I believe getting my deadlift would be much riskier and just as difficult as getting my clean & jerk to 300-315, so I’m sticking with the Olympic lifts at least until track season is over in 5 months.


26 December 2018 - Bodyweight 219.6lbs
Clean & Jerk 60kgx3, 80kgx3, 90kgx1, 100kgx2, 105kgx2, 110kgx1, 115kgx2
Clean Pulls 3x3 130kg
Paused Front Squats 135x5, 185x5, 225x3, 245x3, 275x1, 297.5x1, 315x1
OHP 135x3, 185x1, 185x3 (PR)

I think push presses have helped my OHP already. It’d be awesome to do 185x5 before 2019 (which is like 5 days lol).

Olympic lifting is fun because every workout can be a full-body workout, mobility training, explosive training, and strength training all rolled in to one. I’m lucky to be back at high school track right now, this is exactly what I needed.


Those are some good weights you’re using - I’m jealous!


9 January 2019 - Bodyweight: 218.8lbs
So, like… I’ve been pretty bad at keeping up with my log. But it’s also kind of been on purpose. I always feel that writing everything down during an intuitive workout takes away some of the magic of actually just getting in there and doing what I feel that I need to do. Because yeah, it starts out fine for the first few days. But after a week or two, I’m trying to write progressions based on what I did in the days prior. It just doesn’t work that way for me–and if it does, I’m not interested in that right now.

I’ve been alternating between clean&jerk + snatch pretty much every workout, so my legs are getting a lot of low volume, high frequency work right now. I also decided to take a page out of CT’s book and use a modified SGSS to work on my squat and bench. This is my current bench program (the first few sessions):
Week 2 (I already did week 1): Day 1 230x10, Day 2 3x10 220lbs
Week 3: Day 1 235x10, Day 2 3x10 225lbs
Week 4: Day 1 245x7, Day 2 3x7 235lbs

So I’ll continue up to 2s. Phase 1 is 10s, phase 2 is 7s, phase 3 is 4s, then phase 4 is 2s. I may only do one week of 2s. Also, I’m not interested in finding a new 1rm. I want to say that I’m going to wait until the end of 2019, but I can’t say for sure that I will. I want to wait as long as possible and make as many gainzZZZZ as I can first.

Here’s a collection of my PRs so far this year:


Damn Lava, those were impressive lifts. Well done.


Welp, the youngster makes me feel weak.

Also, watching that clean hurt my hip.


Been watching you on the gram and I’m impressed


Starting 2019 out by training intuitively and loosely following some progressions. I’m making sure to add weight or reps each workout just so I know I’m trending in the right direction.

I started a little diet yesterday. After I worked out with my buddy at his gym, he took his shirt off and I felt bad about myself. Not in a “I’m going to cry myself to sleep” kind of way, but in a “damn, there’s no reason I should be carrying around this much fat” kind of way. So, I woke up at 217 today after waking up at or above 220 for the last week or so. I’m doing my best to limit carbs, and today went pretty well. I had a few pieces of fruit, a few cups of milk, and half of a cupcake. Those were the only carbs I had. I also had 6 eggs, a protein shake, some tea, and some chili. Trying to keep the protein and fats at adequate levels for obvious reasons. My goal weight is 203-205lbs with no loss in strength. Even if I can maintain my strength levels, I’ll be thrilled. I benched 240x8 and deadlifted 405x5 on Sunday, which are not PRs for me, but would be PRs if I weighed 200-205lbs. So, we’ll see how long this diet lasts for. I’d like to make it a lifestyle change, as opposed to just a change for two months. I know I take living with my parents for granted right now, but one benefit of moving out within the next year will be choosing what food is in the fridge…


Now you just take care Lava.

But then you have to buy it yourself, quality food is expensive.

If you want to lean out … eat less… very simple.
If you really want to trim down fast, go for a walk, stay in motion for several hours. Just do a stroll just walk and stand. try to reach 15000 steps it takes a long time but if you do it 2 times a week I’ll guarantee you’ll lose weight… if you still eat less that is.

Anyway good to have you back on the log section.
What’s the plan for the year, life and training.