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Lava2007 Training Log


24 November 2018 - Upper Body W7D1 Bodyweight: 218.6lbs


Pause Bench 2x5 255lbs (LSRPE 9)
Close Grip Bench 2x5 235lbs (LSRPE 8)
Chin Ups 3x7 bodyweight

5 minutes of half kneeling pallof press, 30sec on 30sec off

60 minutes of basketball

My 3 was wet today, and I glassed the same kid twice. It felt real good to be running and jumping for an hour straight. My leg are sore now, but my back feels good.

My buddy left at 3am for the Ohio State/Michigan game, and he stayed over til 2:30 (I’m horrible at kicking people out when I want to go to bed, which is usually 10:30). I woke up to the dog barking at 8:30, so I got slightly less than 5 hours of sleep, and all I had to eat this morning was a cliff bar and a glass of water. Not ideal. I was running on fumes from the second I got into the gym.

Much needed rest day tomorrow, probably with a little yoga thrown in somewhere. It’s a big game for me in my fantasy football league, so I’ll be glued to the TV.


Please share.


Ah my apologies I didn’t see that you had issues with your hip. I’ll leave it to the more experienced lifters to chime in then.


Yes please share Lava


@JMaier31 @mortdk I can’t find it. I looked through my phone internet history and my laptop internet history and I can’t find it. I’ll keep looking and post it if I find it


27 November 2018 - Lower Body Bodyweight: 217.2lbs

Warmup: Rolling + band work (fire hydrant…new band exercise)

2DB Split Squat 3x10 bodyweight, 25x10, 55x10, 75x10 (crazy pump)
Step Ups 3x5 30lbs each side
Box Jumps 3x5
GHR 60sec hold, 1x15 w/25lbs

My back feels incredibly good today. I think the new exercise helped a lot. I’ll link it. I lifted my leg higher than the girl in the video and I tried to hold it at the top AND lower my leg slowly. I did it for 3x10 and couldn’t get the last set without taking 2 breaks. It was HARD. So, I recommend that strongly to @JMaier31 and @mortdk for your SI joints. And @losthog for preventative measures and overall hip balance.

Split squats are basically an intermediate, or beginner version of RFESS. I’m focusing purely on mobility and posture, and when my right foot was forward, I felt major tightness in my left quad and hip flexor. Apparently my whole left side is tight now, so split squats will probably be my go-to for regaining my mobility and strength on the left side. Once I can do those and have them feel the same on both sides, I’ll be good, although that may take a while.

Bench day today, I’m kinda nervous. 5x5 255 is knocking on the door of the biggest volume PR that I have for bench. I’m going to go light on rows again to preserve my SI joint. I might drop close grip down to 225. Increasing it to 235 might’ve been a little premature.

Anyways, off to the gym now. Will report back tonight with news of success.


Looks good. I will try those


28 November 2018 - Upper Body W7D2 Bodyweight: 217.2lbs

Warmup (fire hydrants, rolling)

Bench (some TnG, some Paused) 4x5 255lbs, 1x4 255lbs (LSRPE 9.5)
Barbell Rows 5x5 235lbs (LSRPE 8)
Paused Close Grip Bench 5x5 225lbs (LSRPE 8.5)
Chin Ups 5x7 + Standing DB OHP 60lbs 5x5 superset
60sec side plank + stretches
BTN Press 3x12 barbell

Pretty much exactly where I want to be. Failed the last rep of my last set of the last session of 5s. Well, I didn’t actually fail it. I didn’t attempt it. Not having a spotter finally caught up to me.

Close grip was pretty smooth. Paused is fun but there’s a big dropoff in bar speed after the first 2-4 reps.

Rows felt fantastic thanks to (I’m assuming) the fire hydrants. If fire hydrants really are what’s making my SI joint feel good, then I’m going to do them every session, if not every day. I’ll be able to tell when I wake up if what I did the day before is helpful or not.

I got my 5x7 chin ups which is a volume PR I think. The last set of chins is always a challenge, but I haven’t missed a rep of chin ups in a few weeks. I’ll be working up to 5x10 (maybe just 5x9 idk) in the next few weeks.

Next bench day is Saturday, December 1. One of my best friends’ birthdays (he’s turning 21!). I digress. Right now I’m planning to start at 265 for my pause bench 3s. 245 for close grip 3s, 245 for rows, sets of 8 for chin ups, and I’ll probably stick around 145 for OHP.

I usually get way too far ahead of myself on stuff like this, but if my back feels this good all the time from now on, I’ll be infinitely ready (physically, I already am mentally) to squat on January 1. Fire hydrants seem like they’re the same thing as knee clams, but they’re completely different. You don’t realize just how many little muscles are in the hips until you a) look at an anatomical figure or b) hit the hips in as many different ways as possible.

There’s no throwing practice tomorrow, so I’ll have nothing to do tomorrow night. Except study. And I don’t want to spend my whole night studying. I may go to the gym and do a light jog and core and mobility so I can feel somewhat productive. Time to stretch and go to bed. Cheers boys


Will definetely watch that video later. Sounds like good stuff.
Put weight on Chin ups and do reps of 3


Looks like things are going well for you. I haven’t tried fire hydrants. They look like they’re the same as the hip abduction machine. The one at my gym has an adjustable back rest so I can change my hip angle. I must admit I haven’t used it lately. I’ve just been deadlifting and running circuits.


I don’t think my chins are strong enough to do that yet

Yeah I agree. But it’s also like comparing cable chest flys to a chest fly machine. It’s the same thing, but it’s not


Maybe but the program calls for progressive overload over the 12 weeks, putting on weight every session and dropping the reps.
And Chinups is one of the main lifts.

So instead of doing 5 sets of 8 BW I’d do 5 sets of 3 with 5 lbs next week 10 lbs and the last week 15 lbs.

But yeah you’re right screw the program if something works, but if you don’t get stronger, don’t blame the program :slight_smile:


Ah. I was unaware of that. I don’t program my assistance, haha. Follow the program, haha @lava2007


I see what you’re saying and believe me, I’ve spent a good amount of time thinking about how to approach it. My logic is that if someone can’t do a few sets of 15 with pushups or bodyweight squats, you aren’t going to have them benching or squatting with a barbell. I just want to get my chinups stronger rep-wise. There’s very little point (IMO) in adding 15lbs to my chinups if my rep max is less than 20.


I disagree. I don’t know many people who can do 20. I can’t. 15? Probably. It’s one thing to add weight if you’re doing sets if 5 on an AMRAP but I think you’d be fine. It’s only 6 workouts per phase. It’s kind of fun.


@JMaier31 okay, majority rules. I’ll add some weight for chins


30 November 2018 - Lower Body Bodyweight: 214.8lbs


Med Ball Wall Squats w/ Band 2x10 no weight
Goblet Squats 1x10 30lbs
DB Split Squats 30x10, 60x10, 80x10
Goblet Squats 30x10, 55x10, 80x10
Fire Hydrants 4x10 each side
Side Plank & Front Planks 45sec each
GHR 45sec hold + 1x20 w/ 25lb plate

Wow. I didn’t realize how nice it is to get out of bed without pain until these last few days. I can finally put on my socks in under 60 seconds. It’s awesome to be able to stand up without wincing from pain. Fire hydrants are the only thing I’ve done that have provided immediate relief. God bless whoever invented those. As soon as I get my mobility back, I’m going to KILL my squats.


I actually like weighted chin-ups (light-weight) because I think they force you to have better form. It’s hard to swing your legs or otherwise use your lower body when you have a dip belt on with 10-25lb+ plates hanging where your balls are.


I thought all that work was your warm up. Do you ever think about not going back to your problem exercises? I’m in the same boat as you - things hurt but I like doing them so I keep being stubborn.

Do you need to squat? Do I need to Deadlift? Both are awesome exercises but if they keep fucking us up then what are we doing?

Sorry, I’m thinking out loud (and I’ve had a bit to drink on an empty stomach).


It is my warmup. The reason I added it into my warmup is to ensure that I got extra volume with it. I’m trying to maximize volume on the exercises that make me feel better.

Yeah, deadlifts are my problem exercise. That’s how I hurt my SI joint originally, and that’s how I reaggravated it, too. So I’m done deadlifting. I don’t need to do it. 5 years down the road, after I’ve been healthy for 4-4.5 years, maybe I’ll do a meet and start deadlifting again. Maybe not. I don’t know what the distant future holds, but I know that right here, right now, deadlifts are counterproductive and useless. All the people who say “deadlifts make your legs stronger,” and “deadlifts make your back stronger” are wrong in my case. Deadlifts hurt me; squatting makes my legs stronger, and rowing makes my back stronger. I don’t need deadlifts.

I don’t need to do anything, but it’s what I want to do that matters. I’m sure I could live a long, productive life if I never set foot in another weight room again. But, the Sirens of Squats are calling me and I’ll never be able to say no. I’m 21 years old. I will never get to be 21 years old again. The way I look at it, I want to play it safe, but I can’t be passive. I want to do everything I can to get back into the squat rack in a healthy and safe manner. I have goals that I want to accomplish, and if I don’t accomplish them, they will become my ghosts. I already regret not playing sports in college; I don’t want to regret permanently injuring myself (which I fear I’ve already done) or not doing everything I could to reach my goals.

If I could change ONE day in my life, it would be the day I injured myself. I was not mentally or physically prepared to pull 455 for reps and I forced myself through it anyways. It was the biggest meat head stunt I’ve ever pulled and I thoroughly regret doing it. Not to be overdramatic, but that day haunts me and I’ll never forget it. I remember everything I was wearing, I remember who was there, I remember what bar and the weights that I used. I 100% believe that my total would be at least 50lbs higher right now if I had just lowered the weight or skipped the workout. In a way, there is silver lining. I know now that pushing yourself THAT hard is asking to be injured. Unfortunately, the first time I did it, I got fucked. So even though I know now to NOT do that, it doesn’t help me. The damage is done.

TLDR; I don’t need to squat but I’m going to continue doing it anyways. Might take a month, might take a year, but eventually I’m going to get back under a barbell. I give zero fucks about my deadlift anymore. What I DO need to do is take advantage of my youth. I’m one of the youngest people on this site that I know of, and I frequently read people saying how they wish they were in their 20s again. Well, I am. And I will not let it go to waste.

Also: an empty stomach is a thirsty stomach. Bravo