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Lava2007 Training Log


@JMaier31 Jesus man. Every time I post a workout I learn something new about this program hahahaha. Thank you!!


29 October 2018 - Lower W2D1 Bodyweight: 218.6lbs!!!

Warmup: The usual

Back Squat 3x10 265lbs (2 w/o belt, 1 w/ belt) (LSRPE 6)
RDL 3x10 225lbs (LSRPE 8. grip strength limiting factor here)
Good Mornings 3x10 145lbs (all w/ belt)
Front Squats 3x10 135lbs, 185lbs, 205lbs (gauging where I’m at with these)
DB Goblet Squats 1x10 100lbs (LSRPE 5)
Hammer Curls 2x15 35lbs (for elbow health and the gun show)
Side Planks 2x40sec

Squats were surprisingly easy today. I’m settling into this new squat form nicely. I brought my feet closer together a few weeks ago. I have my toes pointed out at roughly a 15-20 degree angle (way straighter than they used to be). I’m sitting back on my heels and managing to feel it in my quads and glutes at the same time. I had literally no hip flexor pain today, which I didn’t realize until just now. I love where I’m at with this.

265 didn’t feel heavy at all. I didn’t need to use a belt for my third set, but I decided I’d use it anyways. Just to avoid a crippling lower back pump. I managed to avoid it, and I was able to do my RDLs with no problem. I don’t wear/bring my chucks to the gym anymore because I don’t squat in them, and deadlifting in Oly shoes is a pain in the ass. I guess it’s fine. As long as I’m doing RDLs and squats, my deadlift will increase. That much I know.

I’m going to be starting to lift at the high school again soon. That means platforms, metal weights, and chalk :slight_smile: It’ll be fantastic for my deadlift and grip strength. Plus, I’ll be able to use that weight room for our meet.

@losthog Speaking of the meet, I don’t think I’ll be done with my program in time. I might have to skip out on the meet and just test myself in the middle of January. I’m not sure yet. @JMaier31 I believe the final two weeks of the program are meant for peaking, but I’m not totally sure. I’m assuming that skipping out on that part to be able to do the meet would be a bad idea, what do you think??

Overall a very solid workout today. I’m working 10 hours on Friday and 10 hours on Saturday, so unfortunately I’m going to have to alter my schedule a little bit this week. Tomorrow (Tuesday) will be a rest day. Wednesday will be W2D2 for upper body and Thursday will be my day 2 for lower body.

Wedding season is coming to a close soon, so I’ll be getting a job where my little sister works for second semester while I save money to transfer to a university in the fall. Her boss seems awesome, and it’s steady hours. So it’ll be pretty easy for me to make time to work out, regardless of how much I’m working. It probably won’t be more than 25-30 hours/week, and if any weddings do happen on the weekends, I’ll work those for some extra money. My hip and back have been feeling better and better, slowly but surely. I need to find a new band to do band clams with, though. My glutes are too strong now!!!

I also weighed in at 218.6lbs this morning after taking a piss. I keep joking around with my mom that my goal weight is 235 (I don’t think she approved of me pushing to 220 last year), and she doesn’t like it. I don’t care about my weight, I just want to get stronger. But if I actually do end up at 235, I better be able to squat damn near 2x bodyweight still. I squatted 425 at 215lbs. I deadlifted 475 at 215. So if I’m 235, I need to be able to deadlift 520 and squat 465 to keep those ratios similar. That’s some big ass weight. We’ll see!! Lol


The final phase is called the Realization Phase for a reason! It’s three weeks long and you the reps scheme is 5/4/3/2/1. I’m not sure if it qualifies as a peak compared to powerlifting but the program gets you to heavy singles. I guess the peaking part is how you plan it. Like I said before, I programmed it so that I fell a little short of my PR’s in the workouts and then I went ahead and matched or smashed them with an extra heavy single.


Mad excited to see all the results.


Right now I have all my reps set up, with the 3s based on what I’m hitting at the end of phase 3. I’m doing exactly what you did. For squat, I’m about 30lbs short of my PR. Deadlifts are 15lbs short, bench is 20lbs short, and OHP is 5lbs short. I may change those numbers as I get closer to the end, but right now based purely on percentages and logical increases from 5 to 4 to 3 to 2 to 1, that’s what I’ve got.

The numbers that I have in my program for the various phases are based off of maxes that are slightly lower than what I think I could actually do. For example, my squat weights are based on a 390lb squat max, when I know I could probably squat 405 if I was well-rested. Bench is based on a 295lb max, which is 20lbs lower than my all-time PR and 10lbs lower than what I had benched two weeks earlier. I figure that lighter is probably better. When it comes to heavy singles, half of it is mindset anyways. The strength is gonna be there whether I’m hitting 385 for triples or 425 for triples. I would rather play it safe and take small PRs and NOT get injured than push hard for 9 weeks and then get hurt in the middle of my 3s.

@SOUL_FIGHTER thanks bro. I am too. If I reap anything close to what Maier got, I’m going to be the happiest dude on the planet.

That being said, I’m going to have to max deadlifts twice. Once for the competition with no straps, and then once with straps to see how strong I am if grip strength is not a limiting factor. Regardless…I’m excited as hell.


That all sounds perfect.


Gonna be fun to see if CT’s program is as good for us as for @JMaier31.
Good to hear that your hip is holding up.


I agree with @JMaier31 sounds spot on. Hiring a weight with perfect form is better than losing form and getting reps. If it’s too easy slow down the tempo of the lift and it will be harder with the weight and also build more strength. I’m learning with my new programming that tempo does wonders for lift quality and strength!


@JMaier31 @mortdk @losthog I’m glad I got the stamp of approval. Mort and Maier especially though, please continue looking at each workout and let me know if I’m missing something. I think I’m doing it right (finally) but if I’m not, bump me back on track!!

31 October 2018 - Upper W2D2 Bodyweight: 219.6lbs (was 214.8lbs yesterday)


Pause Bench 5x8 220lbs (LSRPE 7) (Volume PR)
Barbell Rows 5x8 195lbs
OHP 4x8, 1x7 130lbs (LSRPE 10)
Close Grip Bench 2x8 195lbs, 1x10 205lbs
Chin Ups 5x8 bodyweight
Front Planks 2x45sec
Stair master 3min (11 flights)
Close Grip Bench 1x20 135lbs

Fantastic bench day. Hit a volume PR with plenty left in the tank (anywhere from 1-3 more sets). Bringing my grip width in about 1.5" on each side has made a huge difference. I can stay tighter and engage more lats and triceps and control the bar a lot better.

Barbell rows are good. They became much easier when I wedged before I started my 4th and 5th sets (wedging is what Eddie Hall does before a deadlift). I’ll probably go up to 205 next week for those.

Close Grip felt fantastic as well. Chin ups were difficult, but I’ll put a 5lb DB between my feet next week. The planks were a good challenge. I can feel them helping though so I’ll continue on with them.

Idk what the hell is going on with my OHP. Maybe I’m too fatigued? That doesn’t seem likely, seeing as I’m able to rep out 26 reps of close grip afterwards with no issue. I’m not sure what the deal is. I tried changing my grip width to see if there was a better spot and there isn’t. I might drop it down to 115lbs next week and build up from there. Over the course of the next 9 weeks, adding 45lbs to that will still get me to 160lbs for 3s which will be a good challenge.

Overall, I love this program. I’m almost done with week 2–I’m doing my second squat session tomorrow night. I’m really pumped up to have 225lbs on the bar and setting volume PRs with that, too. 5x8 225lbs is no joke (for me). I’m roughly 220 right now, so benching my bodyweight for 5x8 made me feel proud of myself :slight_smile:

As of right now, I don’t plan on changing any of my lifts out. I think I’ve picked some good ones. Pause bench, close grip, and OHP hit all styles of pressing (in the barbell world). Barbell rows and chin ups hit my back two different ways. And alternating between rectus abdominis and oblique work for each session keeps the core work interesting. Squats are a little different. I’m still trying to work it out, and once I get back to the high school weight room, I’ll be able to do loaded carries because I’m at the top of the food chain in that gym more or less. But as of right now, my lifts for squat days are:
-back squat
-front squat
-good morning
-trap bar holds and/or hammer curls

Definitely trying to hit my quads and hamstrings hard. I also want to get my biceps and grip strength nice and strong for when I do a mixed grip for the PL meet. Call me a pussy, but adding deadlifts to this stuff is just a LOT. Ever since I tried using 5/3/1 for deadlifts, I have not been a fan of high rep deads (anything over 6). Right now the plan is to continue to condition my low back and hamstrings for the next 3 sessions and then start deadlifting with light LIGHT weights for 5s. At that point, I’ll be able to increase it a little faster to catch up if I feel the need to. At this point though, I don’t think I can handle an extra 24/40 reps of deadlifts on top of everything else I’m doing. Not to mention the bars at my college gym are smooth as shit and we aren’t allowed to use chalk…

Tomorrow is Week 2 Day 2 for squats. 5x10 265lbs for back squat. 5x10 185lbs for front squats. 5x10 RDLs at 225lbs. 5x8 good mornings at 145lbs. And for trap bar holds, I think I had 225 on it last time for 40, 30, and 20 seconds, so I’ll try 225 for 45, 35, and 25 tomorrow. Time to have some chicken and chocolate milk and then hit the sack. Good night homies

Edit: Here is my song of the day.


Looking good Lava.
OHP I had the same sensation. I think it’s because bench fatigues the anterior delts hard.
I had to back up a lot too, I’m a bit annoyed but I’ll survive.


@mortdk It’s less than ideal but any ohp is better than no ohp I suppose, right?


OHP sucks. I’m pretty sure it only exists to keep your ego in check. It was the one lift that was stubborn for me on SGSS.


1 November 2018 - Lower Body W2D2 Bodyweight: 216.6lbs


Back Squat 5x10 265lbs (LSRPE 6.5) - 4 sets beltless

I didn’t have it today. A culmination of a lack of sleep for the past few days caught up to me. I destroyed these back squats with no problem, but as soon as I picked 185lbs up in a front rack to front squat, I was done. My back got super tight and it completely threw me off mentally. I don’t know. I just didn’t have it.

Under normal circumstances, I would be super pissed off. My hamstrings are still tight and sore from Monday, so I don’t think I’m missing out on much by not doing 50 RDLs and 50 good mornings. Also, luckily I got 2 Bs and an A on my 3 exams in the last few days, and I became friends with a super cute girl. So on one hand, I’m on the top of the world. On the other hand, I’m not.

My back got tight and it was hurting on the right side, which is interesting to me, because the nerve pain and normal hip discomfort is on my posterior left hip.

I’m working 11 hours Friday and 11 hours Saturday. Saturday I get off at 10, then drive a half an hour home, so it should be no issue waking up for the gym on Sunday. I might fuck around and do my week 3 day 1 squat day on Sunday if my legs feel good (I did about 1/3 of the volume that my legs are used to today, so it’s possible). If not, then I’ll do week 3 day 1 of bench which I’m hella excited for.

Also I found this:

Interesting. In my experience, this is true. Another reason to quit.


You are on top of the world man, B’s and A’s on exams + a cute girlie nothing beats that Lava.


Amen brother, thank you!!


4 November 2018 - Upper Body W3D1 Bodyweight: 217.2lbs


Pause Bench 3x8 225lbs (LSRPE 7.5, 2-3 RIR)
Barbell Row 3x8 205lbs (LSRPE 6<)
OHP 3x8 95lbs, 115lbs, 135lbs (LSRPE 9)
Chin Ups x8,8,6 BW + 5lbs (LSRPE 10/10)
Close Grip bench 3x8 205lbs
Hanging Leg Raises x5
Front Plank 1x45sec, 1x60sec
100 band pull aparts

Well, the great upper body days keep on comin’. 225lbs felt like a breeze today. Not that it felt LIGHT, but the reps just kept coming out of nowhere. Even when my mind told me I should start slowing down, I didn’t, and that’s a pretty crazy feeling :slight_smile:
Everything else was satisfactory except chin ups. I’m not too sure why I’m having trouble with those, considering my chin-up PR is 16 or 18 (I don’t remember exactly). I’m assuming it’s for the same reason that my OHP is suffering, which is that the main muscles are being inadvertently pre-fatigued. I would switch the order (OHP before bench, Chins before Rows) but then my bench and rows would suffer. I’m trying to prioritize here but it’s a little tough.

As for OHP, I decided to go a different route today. I realized that there will not be a point during this program when I can bench 3-5 sets and then OHP 3-5 sets of the same relative intensity. My OHP may get stronger, but it’s going to be getting pre-fatigued even more as the program goes on and I begin to bench progressively heavier weights. I went with a 5/3/1-esque rep scheme (although no AMRAP, which maybe I should consider). sets of 8 at progressively higher intensities, finishing with a set at my goal weight.

I decided it was either do that, or lower the relative intensity so much that my OHP essentially becomes junk volume, OR try to grind through 3 or 5 sets of OHP with bad form and end up missing reps. I was thinking in the car on the way home about it, and I decided that it’s probably better to just lower the overall volume and keep the intensity where it should be. Half the reason I didn’t completely throw OHP out the window when I was setting this whole program up is because I need to keep my shoulders healthy as long as possible. That’s also why I’m starting band pull aparts. I don’t care if my bench goes up 50lbs in 6 weeks, it’s no good to me if I fuck up a shoulder or a pec or strain something in my back from being too unbalanced. If that wasn’t an issue, I would drop OHP and hammer as much horizontal pressing volume as humanly possible.

Squats tomorrow, 3x8 275lbs. Should be one of the easiest days that I have for squats on this program; 8 reps now seems low, and 275 is a weight that I’ve been anxious to get back to, so I’ll have a lot of nervous energy/excitement going into the gym for that :slight_smile: All my other lifts will go up by 10lbs except for front squats. I’m going to keep those at 185lbs and make tomorrow the first official day of front squats actually being in my program.


This is perfectly acceptable. CT said you could do straight sets or progressive sets on this program. Looks like a good way to manage fatigue.


That’s great news, because there is no way in hell I was ever going to be able to do 5x8 at 145 for OHP lol. I guess every other time I’ve done OHP has been after a much less taxing bench portion, so it makes sense.

What do you think about hitting the top set of OHP with an AMRAP to form breakdown?


Edited it for you! :grin:


I say go for it but shut it down the moment it starts to affect your recovery for the next bench workout.

Why not try double rest/pause?

But then again, you need to pick your priority. Is it bench or OHP?