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Lava2007 Training Log


I find that squats with foot placement outside shoulder width increase adductor activity, much like they would work in a sumo deadlift. I know I can’t hold a candle to your squatting, but I find that putting my feet slightly wider than I’m comfortable with increases my ability to use hip drive out of the hole. Just food for thought.


Same here, I blew $300 bucks on the stuff in a few months when I was working. Also, I got pretty intense cravings for the first two weeks because I went through a pod a day for a while. After that, it was just resisting temptation. I’ll never forget, the first few days after quitting I swore to myself that I would take up American Spirits when I got back to school and wouldn’t get caught by my parents. That’s how badly my body wanted nicotine, haha.


I’ve found this to be the case as well. The only catch for me is that it irritates my left hip flexor pretty badly when I go outside of shoulder width. All of my squatting over the last few weeks has been shoulder width, or slightly narrower than shoulder width. It works the quads very well, though.

It adds up quick man. I’d had my juul for almost a year and a half, (got it June 2017) and in June 2018 I did some rough math and calculated that I had spent about $1400 on it then. And then an entire summer of doing almost a pod a day, plus about a month into school. So I figure I probably dropped nearly $2,000 on it. I have no clue how the fuck I got that money because I never once used a card to pay for my pods, but I’m glad to be done. I gave it to my buddy who used to be my neighbor, now lives about 35 min away and works full time. So if we hang out on the weekend I’ll use it, but that’s a massive improvement from basically smoking the equivalent of a pack a day. Part of the reason it’s really easy for me to give it up is because I know it’s there if I want it, even if it’s not easily accessible. I was/am definitely addicted to nicotine, but not addicted to the point where I’m going to drive 35 minutes there and mess up my nightly routine for some half-assed buzz.


22 October 2018 - Lower Body Day 1, Week 1 Bodyweight: 214.2lbs

Warmup: Soft tissue glute/hips, side planks, band clams

Beltless Back Squats 3x12 255lbs (LSRPE 7)
Beltless Conventional 2x2 285lbs (LSRPE n/a)
Good Mornings 3x12 135lbs (first 6 reps paused 3sec)
Leg Press 3x12 3 plates each side
Side Planks 3x45sec each side

Beltless squats are hard as fuck. I had one of the worst lower back pumps I’ve ever had in my life after my first set today. Thankfully next week is only 10 reps. I’m really not looking forward to 5x12…

Deadlifts weren’t gonna happen with my back feeling the way it felt. That’s why I didn’t do that. Maybe for lower body day 2 I’ll just do deadlifts first.

Good mornings with a pause are fantastic. Forces me to control it a lot more with my hamstrings.

I’m not a fan of the leg press purely because of there being no support for my lower back. I’ll probably switch to goblet squats from here on out.

Side planks almost completely eliminated my crippling lower back pump. Side planks also have been feeling a lot more difficult lately because I haven’t been doing them.
I think side planks > Pallof press/twists for lower back health. So planks will be my thing from now on. It’s the compression strength vs the torsion strength. Compression strength (which can be improved via planks) is much more beneficial for stability in the squat.

Rest day tomorrow. Upper body day 2 on Wednesday which I’m a little nervous for, but also pretty excited. Here’s a song that I’ve listened to every day for roughly the last 3 weeks.


Good stuff. I crave it too, but it doesn’t go over well with my gut, so I quit. I can’t moderate, haha.


Woke up about an hour ago and felt the urge to smack it. Thankfully it is 35 minutes away, lol. And every flavor except mint either gives me a stomachache or gives me the shits. It’s the weirdest thing (and probably indicates how healthy smoking that stuff is lmao)


I would only rip mint pods. It gave me a stomachache, and I’m sure as hell not trying it out again to see if it does now :joy:


You crazy kids and your toys. I used to dip Skoal wintergreen and Copenhagen long cut (hated snuff). I quit cold turkey on 4/11/11.


Good for you. Shit is no good for you anyway.


None of it is. I don’t know why I started. I actually had to work at acquiring a taste for it. My body tried to reject it.

I see people using anything these days and wonder why… The regular tobacco products taste bad, smell bad, and look disgusting. It’s mind boggling that people still start up.

How do people date? I guess there’s nothing more sexy than having chew in your teeth or smelling like an ash tray.


Cigarettes and chew are both nasty, but the Juul doesn’t smell. And the vapor goes away really quickly. You can also stick it in your sock or pencil case. Plus, you get a sweet fucking rush. Probably why guys are willing to fight other guys when they won’t give them a rip of theirs in the bathroom. It’s retarded in every sense of the word.


I feel this BIG time. First time I vaped I was about 18.5 y/o and it was insane. My lungs didn’t know what to do. I didn’t like anything about it except the insane buzz I caught. Juuls give a very solid buzz too, and like @liftangryordie500 said, you can hide it anywhere. I would charge mine in the side of my laptop via USB and my parents would see it and just assume it was some sort of WiFi booster or something. Extremely inconspicuous and addictive. The FDA is actually trying to ban fruit flavors right now, because they feel like Juul is targeting minors with the flavors. I kind of agree with that. Adults just want the nicotine and they don’t really care. Kids taste fruit or candy and they want to keep doing it for that. And the nicotine doesn’t make it any easier for them to stop either.

I dipped a few times. Probably 5-10 times actually. I don’t remember the exact date, but sometime over the summer I was doing a shower dip (Grizzly wintergreen pouches) and I had a decent buzz, then a bunch of dip juice got on my tongue and I started throwing up. Thank GOD I was in the shower. I quit immediately and haven’t considered it since, and that was about 3.5 years ago. lol


That’s happened to just about everyone who has dipped. I never puked but I wanted to after trying it as a freshman. I left it alone until I started buying it for my friends (I turned 18 early in the school year). I started out on Bandits.


I was addicted to the buzz, not the flavors. I vaped tobacco flavored pods at one point. I didn’t care.


24 October 2018 - Upper Body Week 1, Day 2 Bodyweight: 218.2lbs

Warmup: Side planks, soft tissue stuff, band clams

Paused Barbell Bench 5x8 215lbs (LSRPE 7)
BB OHP 3x8 135lbs, 1x7 135lbs, 1x6 135lbs (LSRPE 10)
Barbell Rows 5x8 185lbs
Close Grip Bench 4x8 185lbs, 1x8 205lbs
Chin Ups 1x10
Bicep Curls 3x10 40lbs, 35lbs, 25lbs
Front Planks 3x35sec

@JMaier31 do I only progressively overload the first two main lifts? In this case, bench and OHP? I’m planning on increasing the weight for all 4 of them, but for close grip bench and BB row, does it need to be by any certain increment?

Today was very good. Probably the best bench workout I’ve had (or at least the best I’ve felt after a bench workout) since I benched 315x1 in March. Pausing 5x8 215lbs is bordering on a seriously solid bench press IMO. I know this is saying a lot, but if I increase my 5x8 max to 225+, that’s BIG. I’m scheduled for 220lbs next week, then 225lbs. I might bump it up to 225lbs for 3x8, 220lbs for 5x8, then 230lbs for the next 3x8, and 225lbs for the next 5x8. That could be fun.

Close grip is too easy. I just picked 185 last time because it’s a simple weight. I’ll probably go with 195lbs next week and increase by ~10lbs each time. My close grip PR is 285x3, so I think I could be doing 255-265lbs for sets of 3. Maybe 275 if I wanted to push it towards the end.

The barbell rows are also to easy. I’m whipping that weight around like it’s nothing. Time to go up to 205 for rows and 195 for close grip and then start feeling it out from there for my third week of 8s after this week.

OHP was hard on the 4th and 5th sets (obviously) which is why I didn’t get all my reps. I’m going to keep the OHP weight at 135lbs for this week and hopefully get the whole 5x8.

Did some random chin ups and biceps. Front planks were the move of the day for my abs.

Tomorrow is a day off, the last day of recovery before by big leg day. I think I’ll start with 3x12 squats, and then see how I feel. I don’t expect my back to be pumped to levels of crippled-ness, but if it is, I’ll skip deadlifts again. I don’t necessarily want to deadlift for more than 8 reps anyways. So if I feel like my back is going to pop, I’ll skip the deads. If not, I’ll do two more sets of squats and then 3-5x12 for deadlifts.


I tried it when I was 17, probably 3 months before I turned 18. It was fun because it was the first drug I had ever done (no weed or alcohol previously). When I turned 18 I did the same shit. Lots of guys from high school would give me $5 to buy a $3 tin of pouches, so I did for a while, until I realized that that’s technically a crime. Then I stopped. Then everyone got fakes and they didn’t need me anymore hahaha

That’s how I am too. I prefer the mint especially when I’m drinking beer. I feel like it cleans my mouth and throat (which it CLEARLY fucking doesn’t lmao) so beer is a trigger for me. I just had my third beer of the night about 2 hours ago and as the beer buzz goes away, so does the desire to Juul.


It’s good to recognize triggers, especially in this situation.


I progressed on everything. 5 lbs per week and 10 lbs when changing phases on upper body lifts and 10 lbs per week and 20 lbs even changing phases on lower body lifts.

I had to increase by more on occasion when I underestimated my weights so don’t be afraid to adjust. I didn’t need to do that after the first phase though.


Yeah I’m feeling like 5x8 is much more difficult than 5x3. So by phase 3 I think it’s possible that I’ll be increasing by more than I have planned out right now. I like this phase of accumulating volume. It feels good


Woke up at 216.6lbs today which is surprising because I ate a shit ton last night. I went to bed around 218.6lbs. I haven’t felt this good in a long time physically. My recovery is on point thanks to me eating everything I see :joy: last time I felt this good was probably last November or December when I was nearing 220 for the first time. I spent MONTHS in the volume accumulation phase which definitely led to some PRs.

Today is a rest day. I’ll just be eating and drinking water. 5x12 squats at 255 is no joke… I think I did 5x10 at 275 once or twice last spring, but that was after progressing from 225-235, and that was with a belt…this time around I’m throwing myself right into the fire. Feels good and bad at the same time. But I’m thinking beltless squats are the way to go for a while, because when my squat blew up last time, I did a lot of that training without a belt. Hmmm🧐