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Lauranna for Dragonlance. :)

I think that young girl out of that White Oleander movie could play Lauranna in a Dragonlance movie. Shakira too possibly. Tom Welling(Smallville) for Rastlin. James Spader for Tanis. Or that red haired dude in the movie Mask. Barring the mask makeup of course. I think he was also in the fly 2 and Killing Zoe??? Issabella Rosoco…(I horribly misspelled her name) she’s the girl in Vertical Limit and Reign of Fire. Well she could play Goldmoon. Anybody else got ideas for the other characters. :slight_smile:

NK: The “red hair dude” is Eric Stolz. And that Isabella chick was a Bond girl, too. Interesting thoughts, though.

Damn right there interesting thoughts…there my thoughts that’s why!!! Eric Stolz thanks Patricia. I hate when I can’t remember the damn names. Hey I was thinking Patricia you could play Kitiara. Heheh. That competion photo of you with the short hair. Yeah it could work. LOL. :wink:

I am a Forgotten realms man myself, never could get into dragonlance. :slight_smile:


First off, I am an avid Dragonlance fan, although I do love some Forgotten Realms stuff as well. I maintain to this day that my life changed the first time I picked up Dragons of Autumn Twilight when I was 12. Amazing stuff for me at that time; and this is coming from someone who was a Tolkien addict at the time.

I don't have a lot of time to post, but I've always thought Kevin Coster would make a good Tanis. Of course he's getting a bit old to play and elf. Finding a part for Sean Connery (Elistan would be perfect) would be nice as well.

SO happy that this is on the forum. I'll post again soon.

Does this Kitiara chick carry a beeg sword and slice/dice bad guys? If so, sign me up!

So who will play Raistlin’s massive TWIN brother? Figure that one out and you have a movie worth watching.

I’d say a good description of Kitiara is a woman who carries a beeg sword and slices and dices anyone she damn well pleases.

Also, in regards to the Caramon and Raistlin twin thing, the resemblance was only occasionally apparent, and most of the time they looked nothing alike. I think that most DL fans want the movie to be made so badly that as long as the actors chosen to play both parts were good choices for the roles and worked well together, that there would be enough suspension of disbelief to make it work. On a side note, I don't personally think Tom Welling would be a bad choice for Raist.

On a side note, I always thought that if he sucked a little weight Val Kilmer would make a good Raistlin. He plays "sick" very well (TOmbstone) and I think he could do the chracter well. A problem with that is the "leading man" association that would go along with the actor, and I don't think anyone involved with the film would want tie that to Raistlin just yet. Besides, it would be hard to cast a lot of big actors because of budget, etc.

More ideas?

Steve Buscemi as Raistlin. I’m sure he could lose a bit of weight no problem.

I’ve heard that suggestion several times, and I’ve always hated it. I like Steve Buscemi, but I just can’t see him as Raistlin. He’s got all the right moves but just can’t put it together. Essentially, I get the impression that, although he would be very believable as someone who was downtrodden and picked on in his life, he doesn’t strike me as someone who could play a villain who takes on a goddess.

Well then, sounds like a really kewl character!

Nkeago: btw, in that competition photo, my hair is quite long and all piled up outta my way.

Yeah I knew your hair was tied up. But close enough. But yeah you would fit the part. She’s a super tough Dragon Highlord and she rides a big kickass Dragon that breathes lighting. And she’s hot. Hehehhe. :wink:

Forgotten Realms would be cool too. I haven’t read any of the books but I know alot about Forgotten Realms because of the video games I’ve played. The GodsWar would make a cool movie. Actually the NeverWinter Nights video game would make a cool movie. Jennifer Garner would make a great Aribeth de Tylmarande. Jennifer Garner is soooooooooooo hot. Sigh. :wink:

I have read Chronicles and the first triogy about Raistlin (Test of the Twins, Time of the Twins, etc.), and am wanting to read the new trilogy by Weis and Hickman (the one that starts with Dragons of a Fallen Star). I know that there are umpteen Dragonlance books, but are any of them essential reading to understand the new trilogy?

If you’ve already read Chronicles and Legends, I would then read the Tales (I and II) trilogies. They’re not essential, though. The important thing is that, at the end of each book in the first tales trilogy, you will find a novella by Weis and Hickman.

Those novellas, though, can be found in a single volume book entitles "The Second Generation." The short stories are essential to the main story line.

After that, you'll have to read "Dragons of Summer Flame" and then you can move on to the "War of Souls Trilogy."

Here is a link to the Dragonlance main page of at Wizards of the Coast:

http://www.wizards.com /default.asp?x=books/dragonlance

(omit the space between ".com" and "/default"

Click on the bibliography link and you'll see all the books ever written, the authors, and which are on the "first" story level, and so forth. Hope this helps.

Good question. I have only read a few Dragonlance books. Cronicles, The Legend of Huma, Kaz the Minotaur, and two other ones…one of which was a compliation of short stories. I saw that commercial for White Oleander again and I’m convinced that young girl is perfect for Lauranna. By the way Kevin Costner as Tanis? I don’t see how? :slight_smile: