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Laura Phelps-Sweatt 11xbodyweight total


Absolutely amazing.


Wow! Her feet are almost under her head when she benches.


She is so ridiculously strong, there's a video floating around of her raw benching something like 335. Combine that with good levers and perfect technique and no one can touch her total. At least I can still out-total her! ...for now


Its ridiculous....on powerliftingwatch, there are over 100 comments bitching back and forth about Donnie Thompson, and a mere handful praising Laura for this spectacular feat.

Even within that handful, a pussy tried to take away from her accomplishment.


It's funny how shallow those squats are. Not that the men would be different. Equipped powerlifting being what it is.


There's a video out there of her close gripping 300X3. She's insanely strong for a human being at 165 even to completely ignore her gender.


Found it.


You crushing buddy? I would be. Thanks for posting the video but what happened to the original you had up of the meet?

I have to stop reading Youtube comments. They make me want to cry :frowning:


Oh jeez, some guy is saying she has a shirt on underneath her t-shirt. After seeing her swing her arms around at the start to get loose, this must be a guy who's never seen a real bench shirt. I don't understand all of the internet hate out there. Would it kill some people to just say "Nice work. That was really strong."



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Great job! That just turned me on.


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she is an animal! how is it possible for a small woman to be that strong? FML! that 300 "close grip" bench vid was crazy.


And just got to see the original video- sick. I'm turned on even more, she's makes a squat suit look sexy.