Laura Bass - Rest In Peace


That name brings back memories of bodybuilding magazines. She couldn’t have been that old.

She wasn’t. Lotta claims about suicide, which is just horrible to hear.

I was surprised to find out that she didn’t really compete much, but had a pretty crazy win streak, and of course was pretty photogenic for the newstand magazines, so I’m sure that contributed to her being known.


Photogenic? She was hot as hell.

And had some serious mass on her. Or at least really full muscle bellies.

And her face was very feminine and not ruined by androgens.

There was a great spot for really hot women bodybuilders back in the early 1990s.

I wonder what drug or diet change screwed that up — or if that muscles + feminine face honeymoon period only lasts a short time before they turn into dudes.

lol, Yeah, I know… I guess I just try to be respectful to female athletes and not comment on their attractiveness when discussing their success and achievements.

At the time though, I think female BBers hadn’t pushed the envelope too far… I know plenty will disagree with me, but in looking at some of those old issues of Flex from the late 80’s → early 90’s, I honestly thought a decent handful were attractive,… of course I was pretty hesitant to express such thought out loud around my non-gymrat friends -lol.

That’s a good question… I recall one real change when Kim Chizevsky (sp?) finally came into the Ms Olympia without her cheeks sunken in,… she (or her husband) was quoted as saying they finally figured something out… obviously they never expanded on the details, but the use of anabolics at the time was reaching an ever increasing level with men and women, so who knows.


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That would be an example of way too many androgen for a female (I presume). Anyway, her face got extremely masculine. I’d be curious if it ever softened.

But, yeah, in the Rachel McLeash, Cory Everson, etc era, there were some stunning strong women.

Many female “bodybuilders” of that era would be less muscled than today’s figure girls.