Laughing out my ass

Some of you who follow other boards know that
I have been asked questions about MAG-10 and
then when I give my opinion of it based on
my experiences with 1/2 of it I am accused of
“just bullshit hype”. In fact, a bunch of
“anonymous” arm chair quarterbacks took what
could have been an interesting discussion
and turned it into ad hominem attacks and
speculation about me personally. What I
find truly ironic/moronic is that on this
very same board, there is a thread
that is asking if the “prohormone” 1-AD is
‘as good as primobolan’ with several people,
including the guy who makes 1-AD, chiming in
and saying how lovely 1-AD is. And out
of the other sides of their mouths, the same
fools (and if they stopped to think about it
for 30 seconds they’d realize how truly
dumb they are) are bashing A1E (part of MAG-10)
which is what 1-AD converts to!!! I don’t
understand how these people can get so stoked
over 1-AD, which to be optimized, has to
convert to A1E and then bash A1E?!?

Oh, you mean they are doing this because Biotest is selling it?!? I have learned something over my many years in this industry I'd like to share with all you T-folk:

There are a ton of petty little fiefdoms and
egos in this industry. Every company, and
I do mean EVERY company wants to be the
next EAS (at least from a financial stand
point) and only an utter moron would not
want to see his business grow. Many of
these “mom and pop” type supplement companies
are insanely jealous of the whirlwind of
success Biotest has had, has now and will
surely continue to have. We didn’t get where we are by selling inferior products either! That’s just the way it is. And too many “wannabee guru types” jump on the “let’s attack the biggest
supplement target we can find” which in this
world, today, on the net, is obviously Biotest.

I also don't understand how these same people who bash me, say they hate me and detest Biotest are the very first people who seem to post gutteral responses to our weekly updates on the site here. I mean, I don't like some people in the industry and I go out of my way to NOT read anything written by them. So perhaps someone can clue me in as to why someone would continue to read our webzine, week in and week out, comment on it merely 30 minutes after the new issue is up, all the while bellyaching about how much we "suck"? Are they masochists? :-)

Additionally, some people are absolute masters at taking quotes out of context or failing to address further, follow up commentary here at the site. Biotest and TMAG have always condoned the free exchange of ideas and when we are wrong, we say we are wrong and we admit it and we publish it. There is no grand conspiracy going on, no black helicopters in Colorado Springs staffed with guys who were black Testosterone leather jackets out to send ultrasonic mind waves to make people buy Biotest stuff. The quality, safety and efficacy of our stuff is why people buy it.

I like to think we make some of the best
products ever seen in the supplement
industry and I am damn proud of working
here, rather than anywhere else. We have
a deep pipeline of cool and useful stuff
that will be launched in the next year or
so. All of our products are made using the
absolute highest quality ingredients on
planet earth. Can other supp companies
say that? And if they say it, are they
being honest? Sure, they might be a little
cheaper but some of these companies buy
salvage grade chemicals and DO NOT EVER test
them for impurities. Some of them, those
that produce chemicals domestically, don’t
even have in-house QA/QC!!!

The bottom line is this: if you don't like me or Biotest or TMAG or what we stand for, you don't have to!!! It's OK. You can even criticize our product line (which has a 100% money back guarantee, by the way) because I am sure there are a few people out there who might not react well to something or might even think taking something like MD-6 is an excuse for them not to diet well or train right (then they get mad and say MD-6 sucks, right?). Everyone is entitled to their opinion. But make sure it is how you truly feel because when you try to smack me down and then in the same breath you make outrageous claims for what can only be a less effective product (1-AD versus A1E) any semblance of credibility you had goes out the friggin' window!!!

I am no longer a part of that board, BTW. They demanded I provide evidence that MAG-10 works and when I offered to have Bill Roberts come to the board and discuss it, I was 1) totally flamed again; 2) what do you know, they took down the post!!! I wonder why they took down the post? Maybe because it is easy to flame something you don't know, make rhetorical demands and then not let the appropriate party respond rather than get into a real, useful discussion?

If you buy MAG-10, I am 100% sure it will blow away ANY other supplement on the market and you will amazed and pleasantly satisfied. And if you are not, just return it!!!

I am sitting here with the biggest ear-to-ear
grin I have ever had in my life and I
am giggling like a schoolboy who found a
copy of dad’s Penthouse.

I don’t blame the other companies for
being “afraid” of MAG-10. I bet several
of these companies are going to be royally
fucked once MAG-10 is in consumers hands.
I mean, why would you want to use 1-AD
(diol or dione for that matter) when you
can use the real deal, A1E and an ester of
it at that!

Look for a pretty cool roundtable all about this and more this week here at TMAG.



“I bet several of these companies are going to be royally fucked once MAG-10 is in consumers hands.”…That pretty much sums it up. Everyone that makes a pro-hormone better get pretty damn inventive if they want to run with the Big Doggs! However, I don’t see it happening. As always Brock, very well put. You and the people of Biotest kick ass.

Brock, I read that long and weird thread this morning, and thought you held up well under the assault of ignorance; par for the course for you. Then when that certain someone joined the “discussion” I knew it was all going to hell in a pro-hormone basket. Keep your head up and your Kevlar strapped on, bro.

Well the shitbags at the other site have again managed to show how stupid they really are. Don’t they know the more they bash a product/company that the more curiosity is developed? Anyway, 1-ad is way to expensive, causes fire piss and may make you lose hair. And they are talking shit? What a joke.

Whats the minimum age you’d recommend using this product

I am also curious the minimum age to use this product. All these fucking people say 18 to everything. I am 16 and I dont worry if MD6 says "not for use under the age of 18"because i feel great when i take it, unlike my dad who was up the whole damn night. I would like to know what could possibly go wrong to me if i used mag-10 that wouldnt happen to someone 18 years old. Hope someone can give me an answer. Thanks

Yes those guys are a bunch of idiots. They will not come out with anything better, and will suffer losses in money because of it. So it’s safe to say that they will try and get MAG 10 off the shelves through idiotic and selfish means. I’m sure they won’t be succesful and will continue promoting their crap.
Boxcar just because you asked that question I dont think you’re ready to take it. It’s actually an individual thing to know when you’re ready. And if you’ve done the research, train hard, you should be intelligent enough to make the decision on your own.

True competitors compete on the strength of their product not the quality or amount of their rhetoric. A quality business will try to improve their own products and the industry in which they compete! Biotest has done that and from what I can see they continue to raise the bar. That is why I continue to use the products and spend time reading this site. As good as Mag-10 sounds it will not be the end all of supplements. In a couple of months or years someone will take the next step. Isn’t capitalism just the greatest! Has it been eight weeks yet, want my fed-x number.
Happy competing!

I want to add in my own verification of two of Brock’s points. T-mag does open itself to free exchange of ideas, including critical ones. In a brilliant move to demonstrate that, TC has asked me to write an article as a Biotest CRITIC–that’s right, he’s ASKED me to compose an article taking my shots at Biotest’s claims, research, statements, etc., so they can answer them openly. TC has not suggested any restrictions to me at all–it was an honest and simple request: become our critic. Scrutinize our site and see what you can come up with. It’s a request I’ve taken so seriously that I’ve spent a month now doing research and reading until my eyes ache, but it’s coming soon! So people out there saying stuff about T-mag need to acknowledge one point: at least T-mag is willing to give combat in print, on the webpage where it can be examined by all. And Brock’s right on another topic: the 100% guarantee. There was ONE instance when I asked for a product refund (nevermind which product), and Customer Service contacted me and gave me no hassle. Is MAG-10 being heavily hyped? Yep. Will it live up? It’s a verdict the entire industry will know immediately when it arrives.

ok, after reading what was on that “other” website, my eyes couldn’t believe what they were going through. Apparently, DC said that he thought up of the prosteroid idea and was working on it for a year. Then when the people at biotest heard, they claimed they had something and announced it on the web. Can anyone believe this idiot? This is a guy who sold a bug spray supplement that could kill you. He had a thyroid hormone that sent people to the emergency clinic. His new prohormone supplement gives guys tits. Even if he was the first to sell prosteroids, I would never buy them from him. I don’t want to die before I’m 30 thank you!

Hang on one second, who are “they”, what other forum or companies?

IT sounds awfully painful to laugh out ones ass… You make me laugh though.

Hey reeshdawg - where can I buy DC’s stuff? I only need to type with one hand so nice pair of hooters to keep the other hand busy would be a wonderful thing!

Brock you said the post has now been removed, but I just read it at the site in question?

RW - they must have put it back up because
it was on a “sticky note” and 8 hours or so
ago it was not there anymore. I guess
one of those “TMAG Haters” read my post here
and went nuts over there. I don’t care,
I am no longer reading or posting there which
they won’t believe I am sure but is easily
verified by their monitors who can check
the log ins and see that I am not there.

It's a shame because there really are some decent people over there and the fact that a dozen trolls/poseurs are allowed to run wild actually is the best way to keep myths alive and stifle any exchange of ideas.

I will not mentioned them again.
End of discussion.


Oh and Brock , on the AE board we like to refer to Megamorph as “MegaMoron” and not “Mega-Smurf” as you put it.

The guys who bashes t-mag and are from slimemax are the greatest f!@#kers ever. I still remember how t-mag described their products sometime ago, commenting on how adipo was close to their ideal fat burner and how they thought that guggulbolic had potential. Now I hear about how t-mag steals their product idea and how they are the biggest copycat. Screw them. Should we call everyone who comes up with a EC stack or an effervescent creatine for that matter a copycat? Go figure.

Hi Broc,
First, I would like to thank you folks at Bio-Test and T-mag. I just got my free sample of M. I plan to use it along with Tribex 500 in a cycle in about three weeks. I will let you guys know how it work. (Any advice on dosing and cycling would be welcome).
Secondly, Mag-10. Once I get my body fat below 10%, I would like to do an eight week cycle using Mag-10 and Ian Kings Leg program. I do not plan too use Mag-10 until the second phase of the leg progam. 1) Any advice on what to cycle during the first phase? 2) How many bottles of Mag-10 would a 48 year man need for an eight week cycle?
I plan to specialize on my legs and calves. Just a little top heavy.