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Laughing, Learning and Appreciation


Last week was a pretty rough week for me. Suffice it to say that I came home on Friday, glad the week was over.

As I always do after work, I take a shower, check my e-mails, and usually go to the "Testosterone Forum" to see what's up. This Friday all I wanted to do was go to bed. But something kept pulling me to the computer. I finally said, "What the hell...it's Friday...maybe the guys at "Testosterone" have some cool stuff for us..."

Am I glad I did! I laughed until I cried at T.C.'s "Atomic Dog" on the Male Libido...I picked up a few tips from Alessi on improving my Deads...and as always, the gang on the Forums had a lot to share. Needless to say, my "weekly funk" went away!

As I ponder on the Hacks on other boards that criticize the Gang at "Testosterone" because their chit-chatty, useless (and often critical) rants weren't posted...or how they can get cheaper protein than "Grow" and get 20 pounds of it to boot, I just say it's their loss...and "F" 'em". These guys at "Testosterone" are a unique and unparrelled group of guys, especially on the Internet. And I hope they never change the way they do things. I just wanted to say "thanks, guys"...for making me laugh...for always teaching me something...and for providing this unbelievable Forum to share ideas...

(One complaint though...Dammit, T.C.!...I'll never look at "Little Debbie" the same way again!)


Hey...one more thing I wanted to say, that I've wanted to point out for some time...

After over three years at this site...I've had a LOT of post and replies "rejected"....(some just recently)...

But guess what? I think that diligent moderation keeps up the quality of a site...

...So it's all cool with me....


Well, I'm on the other end of the spectrum. I've had almost everything I've ever posted be accepted - when some of them SHOULD have been rejected! So I'm with you on the moderation issue.