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Laughing Assholes at the Gym

Guys, I was wondering if anyone else has the pleasure of working out with arrogant assholes at their gym. There is a guy at my gym, a modestly built fellow who can’t seem to stop laughing, as he watches people lift. He isn’t even all that strong, but he does have a good L/SAFA ratio (Laughing/Stumbling Around For Attention). The guy is a jackass, and doesn’t hide the fact that he thinks he is better than everyone around him. My real Question I guess, is, how do I kick his ass without getting my membership pulled?

You could “accidentally” smack him in the cheek with a plate. It’d probably get your point across.

If you must I think that a good and fast elbow to the chin will put him out quickly and efficiently, just make sure that no one is looking. This way he will likely not even know what the hell hit him. Actually though I think that it will be punishment enough the day that he finally realizes what a jackass he is. If he never does it’s just his life wasted, don’t waste much or any of yours worrying about him.

I’d just go up to him and ask him what he’s laughing at, when he points to the other person you could just go into a rant about how pathetically weak he is for having to bring other people down, and no one buys his bullshit attitude, why doesn’t he just lift the weight and shut the fuck up, blah blah. Either that or you could just start pointing and laughing at him any time he exercises. If you get a few other people to do it with you I think he’d get the point.

I think a calm, direct confrontation is the best option. I once had a guy try to intimidate me in the weight room. He would “accidently” bump into me or shoot me nasty looks. I think he was mad because I was not very attentive in one class while breeze through, and he was working hard and struggling in it. I finally went up to him and said, “It appears to me you have some sort of beef with me. Why don’t you be a man and tell me what problem you have with me? If I think you have a legitimate complaint, then I’ll change my ways, but if I think it is not valid, I’m not going to change, and I expect your bullshit to stop.”

He didn’t have much to say. He muttered something about how I was “messing things up” for other people. He didn’t bug me after that.

My guess is that this joker was never told that his behavior was screwed up. If I was acting badly, I would like to know--politely of course. If he doesn't shape up after you tell him calmly, I think you should just ignore him. You venting with other T-men is one of the purposes of this board--so that you don't act out your impulses and get yourself in trouble.

I look at guys that behave this way and think, How fucking sad their lives must be. There are definitely people in this world that deserve to get their asses kicked. A good friend of mine once gave me some good avice; If you act like a tiger, you’ll get hunted in the jungle, but if you act like a kitty cat, some beautiful woman will pick you up and put you in her lap. That being said, if you want to rectify the situation, just make sure there are no witnesses. Take care.

That depends on how malicious you are if you want to hurt him, let him ask you for a spot. Then wait till he hits failure and start flexing in the mirror while ignoring his struggle. You can’t be kicked out for being a bad spotter. If you want to solve the problem, take the other dudes advise and tell him he is a jack ass politely, then drop some weight on him.

I live in LA and there are alott of A holes that workout in my gym. alott are wanabee PRO BB. What I do is when I see my opportunity to quite them up quicly I do. Lets say this so called meat head is doing deadlifts sloppy form barely handling 315. I do my Powercleans next to him at the following rack. Between sets I don’t laugh at him but I watch him critique him silently. When I finish my powercleans at 315 he ends up feeling pretty humbled. HA HA HA

just put a bit of oil on his barbell between sets.

Partner, I understand fully what you mean. I have to workout at 5:30 in the afternoon, when all of the overtanned (almost orange) assholes are in their spandex with matching attire, stairing in the mirror, and ridiculing everything. Remember this: You can take an asshole out, but you can never take the asshole out of him. What I do is use my intense hatred for most of these Flex fashion victims and use it to fuel my workout. You’d be surprised how much intensity magnifies your workout.

Now to the second issue. You're in the gym to workout. Don't let your self esteem be lowered or degraded by some obnoxious prick. Always remember what you're in the gym for. Social status, and furthermore, socializing should not be a reason.

Funny you should ask this question. At the gym that I train not only is there an arrogant asshole, but he happens to be the king of all arrogant assholes. Some stupid meathead with an IQ of 5 and it takes 6 to bark. He’s always going around strutting in his tank top talking loud and using foul language. He puts way more weight on the bar than he can handle in remotely good form (this guy is a pro at two-inch squats), and he screams and groans through every rep and set. He also looks around to make sure everyone is watching him, and when he walks around between sets he’s always flexing his arms. He uses roids, and he’s a halfway decent sized guy but the thing is he hasn’t gotten any bigger in the two years I’ve seen him at my gym. I just got a buddy of mine into training and being a stickler for slow, strict form he was doing seated calf raises. Right in the middle of his set this asshole walks right up to us, looks at my friend and says, “Why don’t you put some more weight on, that’s how you grow.” My buddy shrugged it off but it really pissed me off. What’s funny about it is in the two months I’ve been helping my friend with his program he’s gained ten pounds drug-free with his only supplements being a multivitamin and whey protein. The thing that makes this idiot even more pathetic is that recently he “disappeared” from the gym for about a month, and when he came back he told everyone he injured his shoulder. Now what really happened: he was at a mental health center getting a psychiatric evaluation. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not making fun of people with mental illness as I dealt with social anxiety disorder growing up. I just think it’s a bit ironic. Nothing would please me more than to see this idiot cut down to size, but he’s so pathetic and everyone knows it, he doesn’t need my help in doing that.

One of the best ways to mess with somebody is to use there own self esteem. First watch him when he does an exercise with a lot of weight that he is struggling with then tell him geez a guy your size should be handling at least 70 lbs. more than that. He may not say it but deep down thats all he will be thinking. Even if he benches 400 lbs. vain assholes like that can’t stand to think that they are somehow inferior.

there is something that pisses me off about a lot of BB´s, they think that just because they´re big they are tough and can stand a fight against anyone, that is complete BS!!! it´s like a false ego, they relate size to the ability to intimidate people with force!!!.. that is completly not true…

Something funny happen two months ago... I currently training for total combat(slang for thai-boxing and jitsu) and training to get myself some decent size and have some respectable size-strength, a friend of mine, who is doing serious training for competition, decided to try to go to the gym for the first time, and was laughed at, and looked qver the shoulder, worng move... the next time one of these guys did something like that, he would stop his set and tell guys that overweighed him in more than 50lbs, to shove it up there ass!!! they got very frightend the first times but got courious 2 c what could happen if they tried to answer back...

in less than one minute… the first one had a brocken knee, and the next two had there jaws broken. Truth is they took it like men and nothing has happend… if any of them get´s to read this, I hope u´ve learnt something!! and don´t try anything, cus my friend M***s has more friends to back him up than u would ever imagine, and bigger nads that u´ll ever have, adios City Gym

The best way to deal with assholes at the gym: work out at home.

Alright fellas, just to clear this up a little, the guy at my gym doesn’t do this crap to me, my workout partner an myself outlift and could easily kill this guy, it mostly pisses me off that he can be so arrogant towards people who couldn’t. He used to give dirty looks to my partner and I, but we just gave them right back and he felt his nuts shrivel a bit and cut that out, but he then took the attention he would have paid us and placed it on people who do care what others think of them in the gym. I personally take my ego and put in the little cubby with my keys. It just pisses me off when he tries to make people who are not sure of themselves with weights in their hands to begin with, feel inadequate, which will lead to them using weights they can’t handle and eventually hurting themselves. He’s basically a cancer, and I may be getting close to a cure. Thanks for your input so far, Long Live Testosterone.

Here’s what you do: Look on the internet for a picture of a man without a penis… or a very small one… any nude pic of a Backstreet Boy will do… Next, past a picture of the jackass’s face on the body and title it something like…“Look Who’s Laughing Now”… Make a bunch of copies and put them on everyone’s car at the gym-including his! The great thing is that everyone will believe it since this guy has a classic case of small penis syndrome… He’ll never show up at the gym again…