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Laughed So Hard I Dropped the Weight


Today I slipped into the gym at my new time. I have never ever seen these two very scrawny boys (probably 15 years old)at the gym. They proceeded to move around the weight room like underfed tasmanian devils. Hefting 65 pound benches so fast their arms could not possibly notice they were working.

Anyway, I was just about done and thinking seriously about directing them here in hopes of helping them see the light. The first funny occurrance was the site of the two of them admiring their ribcage topped abs above their profoundly noticable hip bones that somehow held up obnoxiously oversized shorts that hung to their little mid-calfs. Really they looked like they were wearing long billowy skirts. I just pulled down my ball cap, cranked the tunes and tried to ignore them. It's hard to ignore weights being bounced off racks and floors.

The one that caused me to go into hysterics though, was skinniest sunburned kid going at the cable rack. He loaded both sides at about 60 pounds and proceeded to work his pecs like a gumbi character on too much coffee. Somehow he managed to get the weight pulled almost all the way in, then he went to release in his well established do-it-fast manner, he could not keep his feet on the ground as his little muskulls gave it up.

He didn't, couldn't or wouldn't let go of the grips. He went flying up like a kite caught in a hurricane. As his feet left the ground they swung forward pasting the mirror as though he was a kickboxer looking to obliterate an angry nose and still he would not release his mighty grip. He proceeded the flail, wriggle, and squirm the weight back down. To my astonishment he proceeded to produce the exact same movement including the two footed smack to the mirror. He managed this 'exercise' 6 more times!!!!

Had I not been finishing the last of my seated rows I would have missed the gut splitting entertainment. I laughed so hard I lost my grip and 100 pounds went flying down with a loud smack! I nearly fell over laughing so hard as each time these little muskulls wiggled squirmed and twitched 120 pounds, my guess is the exact weight of the scrawny guy, back up in the air; then SMACK, BANG back down they would fly and up flew the boy and his feet.

The manager lady came running in thinking someone was dying and chewed the little boys a new one. She then came over to apologize for the disturbance they obviously were causing me. I left them red from the tops of their very baggy gym shorts to the tips of their ears. Yes, they were such a vision of pubescent masculinaty they were workin it hard shirtless. If I see them again I might direct them here, if only for the entertainment.



You just don't get entertainment like that when you work out at home...


LMAO!!!! Oh, the visual!!!!


So I suppose the workout was not so good that day?

I see this all day long with the young 13-15 high school football players in the gym.

The other thing I hate is seeing 20 something couples in the gym fondling each other as they work out together.... whatever. That.... to me is lamer than geek boy trying to find his undeveloped oats with weights.


only if you tell them they must post under SwoleDawg22" and GinormousGunzz




wow, great analogies. I guess you didn't have to do abs after that kind of spectacle.


LMAO! Poor little guys. If I had entertainment like that at my gym, I'd go on non-lifting days just for some free comedy.


Great story. Priceless. :slight_smile: I also trained at a new time yesterday and didn't realize what a circus the gym is at 5 pm.

But I'm waiting to witness another 'skull crusher back-flip'. The last gym I went to had this young guy who loaded up so much weight (more than what he weighed) and proceeded to do skull-crushers.

As he lowered the weight behind his head, his arms gave way and the ez-bar came crashing down causing him to flip backwards off the bench. A complete back-flip landing on his knees. What a sound it made. The gym erupted in laughter while I added my fair share of 'yeah!!' and claps in there too. Poor guy never came back.


You most certainly have a way with words that paints a hysterical picture!



Stop laughing at me! I was working on my vertical!


I don't understand why people don't choose to help younger, less experienced, weaker people. I still am all 3 of those and I know last year when I had just started my first few months of weights I would bench 60lbs and bigger guys would give me looks that made me feel like shit, wuts up with that?


I hear what your saying Rookie21!

2 young guys came into the local leisure centre gym and proceeded to "go at it" with the 10lb dumbells for what looked like 100's of reps.
I TRIED to help them by directing them towards compound lifts and eating a truckload of food - they listened and then ignored me by wandering aimlessly between cardio machines/leg ext/curl.
People (a lot of) don't want to think they may be doing something incorrectly or they just a copy a routine from a BB mag or their cousin who "is huge" lets them into his secret.
I must confess i have had several training partners like this who, when i finally get them on the right training track (after them constantly questioning my every word of advice) decide they know it all and do their own thing only to end up injured or quitting. I truly want the best for people who train but the vast majority of people don't want others opinions/advice - they see it as some kind of personal weaknness perhaps :wink:
I train alone now and don't talk to anyone - i'm "that weirdo" who does deadlifts and one arm snatches.


LOL.....Silly little Bastards LOL.......Much needed comedy relief Thank's


I agree with this. Most "newbies" will only listen to what they want to hear. Most, like the people described in the pos that started this thread, are skinny kids who think that at 130lba, their abs should be their main priority. You tell them to squat and they will walk straight to the bench press. Some of them, as you see on this site often, think they know more than anyone else anyway so it is a waste of time.

One thing is true though, if you are a beginner and people are staring at you in the gym as you "train", it's usually not a compliment.


I had a good one like that with one of my own lifting partners. We were doing flat DB presses, and Mike was useing 75 pound DB's. he finished with his set and went to drop the weights from arms lenght (something I've told him not to do). Well, he forgot to consider the Conservation of Mass principal and only dropped on of the DB's. The other DB still held at arms length flipped him right off the bench with at resounding crash. John (our other partner) and I laughed at him so hard i thought I would die.



Very funny story, and unusually well written, I should add.

The line about the gumbi character was especially vivid.


At least these kids are in the gym. Kids many times don't start with the discipline of learning the proper way. They are ruled much by impulse and curiosity.



It's been too long since the board had a real large compilation of gym stories on a thread.

Great stories so far and I'm compelled to add on.

There's this guy that goes to my club. Overall he doesn't have that much fat on him, but he's got a very estrogenic build as it's all in his legs. And, of course, no real muscle to speak of.

Anyway, he hops on the Smith Machine and puts 3 45s on each side. He then proceeds to get into position, position being a 45 degree backward lean into the bar to get the track to do most of the work, and proceeds to do a bunch of partial squats. A club member coments that he's "going pretty heavy with those". His response comes out as I'm in mid-power clean and I almost lose my life to laughter. He responds "Well I built them up by peddling real agressively when I'm on the stationary bike and I play a lot of squash." I laugh everytime I see the guy now.


Ahh the innocence of youth..