Lattimer Squat

725, ass to grass, with only knee wraps and a belt. Not bad for a bench specialist.

That was awesome!
Thanks for the video and way to go Sean!

Plenty deep and strong enough for more. Slattimer is a beast.

This video goes to show how critical heavy squat training is as a part of a sucessfull training program… and is a good lesson for a lot of the young guys who read on this site.

All of these “bench” specialist train there squats hard. Ryan Kennely trains his squat very hard in order to keep a heavy bodyweight and as a supplement to his heavy bench training. So did Scott Mendleson to get where he is today.

When I began training, I specialized on my squat for a six month period. During this period my bench went up 65lbs(in direct relation to my squat gains) from 300 to 365 and I was benching heavy once every two weeks.

I think a lot of people think these guys just lay on a bench, do a board press, and add some bands to get where they are today.

Nice squat!

Thanks everybody!!

Not often I chime in here, but that deserves “Damn, I wish I could do that!”

Good work,