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What is the best way to fix an imbalance in my lats? I try keeping good form at all times. But to no avail it has worsend as I put on more muscle. I don’t notice any difference in strength output. My left side is shorter and wider, the right side is longer and not as wide. It looks pretty damn sad when I have my arms above my head. What could have caused this and how can I fix it?



I’ve had the same problem before, and I think it’s because your dominant side, strength-wise, naturally wants to do more work than the weaker side on two handed exercises that work the lats, like pullups. I would suggest that you, for a couple weeks, work your lats one side at a time using pulleys or soemthing and then either go according to the weak-side rule (only do as many reps on the strong side as you can with the weak side) or throw in an extra set for the weaker side until the strength imbalance is cured.

I can’t offer advice to fix insertion points, but drop sets of hammer grip pullups on a straight bar work nicely to even things up. Keep your week side closer to your body.


I need advice on how to fix insertion points. The imbalance is not a strength one. They just look different and it bothers me. I think it may have somnethinng to do with the fact I play bagpipes. It’s kind of like having someone in a headlock and squeezing hard. I guess I may have to think up a new exercise to simulate playing them on my right side.