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Due to extremely hard work and good genetics, I have acquired what some call the near flawless physique.

However, the one bodypart that is lagging behind is my lats. What workouts/suggestions do you have in order to bring up my lats??

All help is greatly appreciated.

Do you do weighted chins?

Umm…what do you do for your lats now? Considering the size of your ego, chins may be difficult. :wink:

You are so damn modest! Don’t be afraid to talk yourself up, there big guy.
Seriously, do you have a pic up in the photo forum? For better lats, do the exercises you already know about (weighted chins are my favorite), but do some serious concentration on the lats and flex them hard. Try to leave your bi’s out of it. Lots of people with no wings have great bi’s. Try to work on that mind-muscle connection. Good luck and next time don’t hold back so much on how great you look! Just kidding bro, if it’s true, good job on the dedication and achievement.

You might wanna get used to working your wrists, if you catch my drift.

Why don’t you post a pic over on the Photo forum and let us be the judge of that “near flawless” physique?

Yes, I do do weighted chins. I great recommendation for those who don’t though. It is an intense workout.

As far as the ego comment goes, I am actually an extremely humble person. I am an extremely dedicated bodybuilder, and am/was fortunate to have good genetics. Therefore, I have acquired a very desired physique. That’s not being egotistical, that’s just being honest. I’m sorry if you are jealous. Don’t judge those whom you have not been fortunate enough to get to know (that goes for everybody).

Call me an asshole, egotistical, whatever, but you are very wrong.

Thanx for the replies so far, any other recommendations would be great.

Wow, a flawless physique and you don’t even know how to train your lats; those genetics must be REALLY good.

We’ll take your word for being “extremely humble”, as your writing sure does not express it otherwise.

I could give you a hundred different exercises that you could do and then all the different grips you could use to tweak the muscles in different ways, but without you explaining what part of your lats (upper, middle lower) you are concerned with, whether it’s mass, thickness or whatever you are looking for or any other details you can think of, it’s pretty hard to give you any ideas. Tell us about your height, weight, body type, etc. or beter yet, post a pic for us and we can help. If you feel your lats are lagging, I’ll bet the rest of your back can use some help, too. I work each part both as part of compound movements and as isolated entities, depending on the circumstances.

For Joel: You are obviously a complete idiot, considering your commment. I didn’t say I didn’t know how to train lats (you moron), I said I would like some other suggestions on what some of you T-men do.

I’m sorry to those of you who think I do come across as egotistical. I was merely pointing out that I have great genetics and bust my ass in the gym (and know how to train), therefore I have acquired a great physique.

“You may not be the greatest bodybuilder to ever live, but you can control whether or not you work harder than any bodybuilder who ever lived.”

I guess we started off on the wrong foot. I hope to get to know each of you better and better and I hope I can contribute to each of you becoming great bodybuilders or atleast help you attain your personal goals. I also look forward to hearing advice from each of you in attaining my personal goals.

As far as the lats go, I want to “expand my wings.” I am not your typical person who has a very lagging bodypart, or alot of them for that matter, I am just extremely picky and would like to touch my lats up a bit. I do have good lats, but I want to make them perfect. Weighted chins do work great (if you don’t try to incorporate you bi’s too much).

All suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I look forward to your replies.

So post a pic on the photo forum. If your physique is as great as you say, I’m sure you’ll get a lot of compliments, and we will all sit at your feet, eyes wide, to soak up your vast training knowledge.

If, on the other hand, you’re just blowing smoke (or if you’re simply deluded) then you’ll have to endure the consequences.

You’re right that you got off on the wrong foot here. But you can recover with just one picture.

Guess it’s “put up or shut up” time…

Charles Poliquin has an article or two on training lats. One was called ‘back to basics’ i think. Do a search on the T - magazine part of the website. The other one was called ‘top (10 or 5 or some number) back exercises’

Check out some of the exercises in Ian Kings Super strength series. Also in the magazine part of the website.

I think there was an article called 'lats get cookin' by Jerry Telle.

PS when posting to a bodybuilding forum never say you have a near perfect physique most guys here can pic flaws in the most aesthetically pleasing people on the planet.

Just how much weight are you doing with your chins? Also, what kind of rep/set arrangement? You should be seeing good development if you are repping with at least 25-33% of your bodyweight on the chain, 2-3 rep max with at least 50% bodyweight on the chain. An extra 10 lb plate or two won’t cut it. Also, put your chins first in your workout ahead of any other pulling movement or chest workout.

I have recently tried a Charles Poluquin workout: 1-6 workout. In it, he suggests supersetting back and chest. The article is in a T-mag issue from way-back. It calls for supersetting bench and close grip pull-downs. Then, incline and seated cable rows. Obviousely, you cannot beat weighted pull-ups for back, but switching routines and finding something fresh will do a lot to boost your growth and training.

Ok, but for the real Oz, how’re the lats? Do bad lats run in the family? Bad lats can be genetic. My Dad had piddly little wings and he was made fun of so much, he eventually took up ballet.

All kidding aside, if your brother needs advice, why not get him on here posting under his own handle and let us help him. We’re a pretty friendly group and we love to help.

I don’t think that I’ve ever seen CP recommend “pulldowns” in an article…