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Lats Without Pull-Ups


Hi guys

I have now built a gym in my backyard and it has been the best decision ever since i started weight training nearly a couple of years ago. I'm finally free from the never ending qs and competing for equipment in the expensive "cardio paradises" that pass as gyms were i live

The only problem is that i dont have a pull up bar neither the intention to get one until next summer when I'll be able to buy a squat rack with a Lat pull attachment and a pull up bar included

For the time being Im training my lats with db pullovers and db rows but soon this two exercises will "grow old" and will need to be changed from my routine for variety's sake. What exercises do u guys recomend for training lats without a pull ups bar?

many thanks for your help



If you have a decline bench or something to get you on a decline, try decline DB rows. Try pulling the DB to your hip. I can really feel it in my lats when I do these. Might not be that different from a normal DB row, but it is some variation.


How about giving us a list of the equipment that you DO have?


there's gotta be a local park or playground nearby with plenty of bars to hang from...


He knows his shit yo


Or just use the normal doorway pull-up bar =D


I've never done a pullup and I feel I turned out fine.




When I began as a teen, I did countless pull-ups and chins on the steal support I-beam in my parents' basement. I placed a piece of wood moulding (with a high rounded profile and flat back) on the top part of the lower lip of the beam. Worked great.

Hey, do you have any trees in you yard?


20 dollars for Concrete? Who are you buying that shit from the federal government?


^ha, zing


instead of the DB rows try barbell rows?


Why are you goign to wait to buy a pullup bar? You can buy a good one for $20 and install it in a doorway or rafters in the basement or probably a billion other places.


I have a solid wardrobe at home, what I did was I just open the doors and then put an empty barbell across the doors. I weighed 96kg and I add up to 30kg for my chin-ups and there was no sign of the cupboard tumbling over. I'll get a camera ready in case that happens.


The doorway pullup bars that you can just put in place and take down after use would seem like a good solution. I don't know if they're as common in the UK but here in the US they cost about $30.


Yep. I got my doorway pull-up bar for about $12 and it works great.


BB Rows.
Get some bands and use those.
Make / buy / borrow / steal a chin up bar
Fat man chin ups off a supported bar.


Hahahahaha i find it funny your name is "postholedigger" and everybody is talking about digging post holes for setting pullups bars in.

Just a coincidence?


Check out some of these home chin up devices:


from between 11 and 27 quid you should be able to find one to suit you.


I have dbs, bbs and 2 benches