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Lats Question - Upper/Mid Back

Hello everyone, sorry but i’ve got a beginner question.

My shoulders, traps and all are quite tonk. (I’ll get to the point) If i put my arm over my shoulder, my upper back at the peripheral is sweet, i’m happy with it. But the middle of my back… is shit. I’m working on scapular retraction during deads, mind on the muscle shit and doing much more back work that chest, external rotation etc, but can anyone please give me tips?

Like exercises which primarily recruit the upper spinae erectors? (my lower back is fine too)

Any help is sweet.

I find that pullups/cable pulls using d-handles while pulling to the bottom of the pecs emphasizes the middle back and lower part of the traps.

Lower trap raises

nothing better in my book for bringing up what essentially is your lower traps.

lay face forward on incline bench.
Grab db’s with thumbs up grip
raise them up at aprox 45degree angle
(think 10 and 2 on a clock.
raise them to aprox head height or slightly higher
remember to retract shoulder blades and squeeze at the top.
try to hold at top for at least a solid one count if not a two count.

That last tip is important. Because if you are just throwing the weight up and dropping it, you’re not getting a quarter of the potential results.

These and rope face pulls are great for the back of the shoulder as well.

I am assuming that since this is in the beginner forum, you are new to lifting.

If that assumption is wrong - then please correct me.

But - You need to just concentrate on DL’s rows, chins, and pull-ups (pull-downs) for at least a year before you start worrying about the development of your back.

The back has the largest muscle mass on the body, and it will take a while to have all parts of it pop into place.

Short answer: just keep lifting heavy stuff, and your back will show the fruits of your labor.

Thanks all. Ragoo- i’ve got free weights at home, and a bar, no access to cables etc. Do you just mean doing pullups to a very high peak (chest at bar level)?

Sasquatch- i think i saw CT doing those in the hss-100 back, looked good. I’ll do that. Thanks

Rainjack, you’re sort of right. I get and appreciate what you’re saying, but like i said, rows and stuff seem to build me at the peripheral, not the middle, which is where i want it, you know? For posture as well as other things. Thanks though. I’ll definitely abide

Oh yeah, i have another question.

Any opinions on grip for the purposes i’ve described? I’ve heard before that on chins, the wider the grip, the wider you work the ‘wings’, but how about on rows? Do i want any special grip, supine or pro, wide or narrow, or does it not matter?

I’m just trying to take advantage of your greater experience, cheers

Use the grip that allows you to use the most weight. Vary that grip by a few inches closer and a few wider every few weeks.

Rainjack is right. Focusing on details is a waste of time. Your goal should be gaining strength on major back exercises. When your deadlift is more than 2x your bodyweight and you can do 15 pullups or row 1.25 times your bodyweight for reps etc. then you can start changing your goals to specialization.