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Lats Just Keep Getting Stronger and Stronger


I hate to brag. I started doing rack chins in the cage with the only oly bar I have, and they were very difficult at first. I started getting better at them and I wanted to make them more challenging. Every workout since, I have added weight to the bar and I am able to complete my reps every time.
Maybe I am doing something wrong?


You're awesome.


This perhaps?

Kidding. If your form still looks the same, good job.



and chocolate cake.


Yeah I know what you mean. When I started training this weird ass shit kept happening - I could push more weight than I did the week before, it's fucked up man.

Go see a doctor.


I think Rack Chins are an exercise where people can use dramatically different weights between their first few times and after doing them for some time. I know that sounds stupid, but when I was doing them it seemed like adding much weight would've been pointless - but then like 90 lbs later I was hitting the same amount of reps as when I started.

I'd say just make sure you're lifting with only your lats. Make sure you're not subconsciously putting some motion in with your feet/legs up on the bench or however you have it set up.


hhaha Brofessor X strikes again.


Rack chins?


Guys, I was kidding. If I was hanging from an oly bar, what difference would it make how much weight was on the oly bar?


I realized that, and kakno actually said that.

You amuse me, good sir.