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lats get cookin'

I wanted to try the “lats get cookin’” workout, but ran into a problem…The place where I workout doesn’t have a Hammer-Curl Bar and they won’t let me drag the decline bench over to do the Cable-Pull overs. Instead, could I use dumbbells or E-Z curl bar for the decline hammer-curl pull overs? Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Here’s a decent link to give you a few ideas:


you could use a dumbbell instead. just use 1 though and grip it with both hands. another exercise i like to do is to put the cable pulley at the highest level, attach a handle, kneel down facing away from cable machine, and do pullovers like that one arm at a time. try a superset doing it first to the side and then in front of your body. seems to work pretty good. it definately works your lats in a different way.