Lats/bis using Giant Clusters

Hey folks, just figured i post a workout i just finished inspired by CT’s Giant Clusters livespill.

Timed set- 20min -Jump Chinups - i’m around 275lbs so i can’t do pullups and this is the first time i done them in a very longtime.

16 reps x bodyweight

Timed set - 10min - BB curl

99lbs x 40 reps - I started with a few 6’s then 5’s all the way to sets of 3’s.

This was a fun workout. I’ll probably include a row next time for 20min and sometimes 2 bicep exercises. I’ve been slack with my lat work. I love pressing too much! :slight_smile:

Few hours later:

Decline DB pullovers - 65x30 for one set. Surprised i got so many reps!