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Lats/Bis HP Mass

I’m planning on starting HP Mass next week but I won’t be able to get to a Pulldown machine for the first week or two.

  1. What else would be a good bicep less lat exercise.
  2. What would be a good alternative to the Preacher curl?
  3. How heavy are you supposed to go when using upper body accessory lifts? (traps, rear delts etc)

If this is covered in the videos I apologize but I have no sound on my computer, so Im just going off the text, and I don’t see this anywhere. Thanks!!

  1. try straight arm pulldowns he demonstrates them in the third vid(i think) and mentions that its a good alternative to the Thib Lat pulldown.
    2.standing barbell curls or DB curls just make sure you do the partials the same way
    3.i think i remember thib mentioning he trains traps twive a week,once heavier with less volume and once lighter with more volume.rear delt work depends on your strentgh level.

hope that helped

edit:my bad i just watched the vids again he said anywhere in the 5-10 rep range is good for assistance work