Lats Affecting Bench?

i’ve been doing a pull/push/lower body split…due to schedules etc. i end up doing los of lat. work the day immediately before i bench… recently i’ve not been happy with my bench numbers (the firsttime i tried maxing out for a while earlier today i missed 290 when i had put up 300 a few months ago {my squat and dealift have gone up a lot though)

do you think changing days to have lats not trained the day before would benefit? or should i look to other factors?
(point is, would lats being tired makea noticeable difference in bench #s?)

It would make it harder to control the bar suposedly.

Your Lats are critical for your Bench. If they are fatigued, and you know how to use your Lats when Benching, they most certainly will cause your strength to go down.

I would recommend changing your Lat work after your Bench and Tricep work, and actually, if your Lats are a really lagging area, you probably can do them every day as long as the other days you train them aren’t heavy.


For you NO.