Lats 4x a Week?

Been training this way for a month or two now, after seeing a Jack Reape tip advertising this. I lift Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, with the first and third days upper body push and the second and fourth lower body and upper body pull. So have been doing horizontal lat work on Mondays and Thursdays, and pullups or similar on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Seems to be working OK, but my lats are sore a lot, wondering if I’d benefit more from more exercises and volume, but less often? Main goals here are increasing pullups and increasing my bench (lats as the “raw bench shirt”).

Whoa, That does seem like a lot.
I couldn’t do it, but if you are still getting results then why change (yet)?

Are you varying the sets/reps throughout the week? It won’t make you less sore, but if you’re going to be sore anyway, might as well alternate a little to force your body to keep adapting. Might get more bang for your buck.

And yes: so long as it’s working for you, keep doing it until progress stalls, then change.

Lower the volume.

do 1-2 work sets each day and go from there.

Vary your reps too.

I do this. Here is my back training:

-Barbell Pullover

-Supinated Medium grip chest supported row
-Bent Over Dumbell Raise

-Barbell Pullover

-Pronated Wide Grip Chest Supported Row
-Bent Over Dumbell Raise

About 5 sets of each exercise. Working great. I never get sore and I don’t trust people who do. I’m actually wondering if I am over developing my back compared to chest and shoulders due to this.